How To Measure for Cabinet Hardware

Taking the time to measure for your cabinet hardware can be helpful whether you are redecorating or replacing parts of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Doing so will ensure that your new hardware will fit in with your cabinet, and will save you the trouble of finding out that it doesn’t fit or it is the wrong size. So ready your tools and follow the instructions given below to get the right measurements for your cabinet hardware.

What you need:

  • Your cabinet and its hardware
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Pad paper
  • Screwdriver
  • WD-40 lubricant

Remove the hardware from the cabinet.

Use a screwdriver that appropriate for loosening and removing the screws from your cabinet to take out the hardware as well as its hinges. Use a little WD-40 lubricant to easily loosen up the screws if the hardware is packed in too tightly.

Take note of the hardware you will have to replace.

Count the number of hardware (e.g. knobs, handles) you need to replace on your cabinet. Write down this simple piece of information in case you forget the number so you know how many you need to buy from the store.

Measure the distance between the holes on cabinet.

Use your tape measure to accurately find out how far apart the holes are on your cabinet where the hardware was attached. Measure between the actual holes on the cabinet and not the outer parts of the hardware itself, and be sure that your measurements reach the center point of the holes for accuracy. You can choose either the front or back side of the cabinet to do your measuring. Write this measurement down in case you forget.

Note: Getting this measurement will ensure that the new hardware that you are getting is the right size. This way, you would not have to drill in new holes when you install your new cabinet hardware.

Measure the size of the hand-room

This part is primarily used for measuring the “hand-room” of handles or pulls where you insert your hand into for gripping the hardware. Measure the distance between the base of the hardware and the cabinet surface. You may not have to use your tape measure for this part. You just need to keep in mind the size of the “hand-room” and use it for reference when buying new hardware.

Measure how much the hardware takes up living space.

Take note how much the hardware protrudes from the cabinet surface and takes up living space. Just like measuring for the “hand-room”, you may not need your tape measure for this. You can simply estimate the distance between the farthest end of the hardware and the cabinet surface. 

Now that you have your cabinet hardware measurements, you can go ahead and shop for new hardware at the hardware store or home improvement store. You might also need to bring the old hardware along with your written measurements in case you need to compare it with the new models.


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