How To Measure for Hanging Curtains

Hanging curtains can be either bought readymade, or if you want to, you can make them yourself or have them made. Either way, it is very essential and important that you know the proper measurements.

  • First of all, you can start with sketching the window on a blank piece of paper. The drawing or sketch of the room’s window can be a very simple one making use of just simple lines. Also, you should not forget to write the name of the room to serve as your guide.
  • With the sketch coming in handy, you can now measure the width of the window you will be working on. After measuring the width, you should measure the length of the window as well. Needing some help in doing the measuring would depend on the size of the window itself. Having a small window would not be that of a problem, since you can manage to do the measuring yourself, but if the window is a big one, then you can have the choice of asking someone to help you out in measuring, or just do it yourself and just step on the other end of the measuring tape while making sure that it does not move.
  • Measure the height and length of the rod to be used. There are some cases when hanging the curtains as high as possible is the best thing to do. Hanging curtains in a higher manner will give out the impression and illusion that you have a high ceiling. The rod should be hung between the top of the frame of the window and the base of the crown molding. But, for instance, if you do not have a crown molding, then you should measure from the height of the ceiling instead. Also, it is best if you add a little more to the measurement of the rod so that the windows may appear wider and would avoid letting the curtains bunch in front of the window glass thus in turn blocking the light from the outside.
  • The kind of fabric you choose for the curtains may also matter, because it may depend on the fabric if you want your hanging curtains to touch the ground, or to puddle it, as it is called. Curtains that are shorter and float above the ground are not advisably attractive. Also, you should be careful in the choice of fabric since there are some fabrics that are stiff and should not puddle.
  • Now that you have the width of the rod and the height of the curtain, you can buy the rods needed for your hanging curtains. If you prefer to use curtains that are pre-made, you will then want to hang the rods when the curtains are there to be measured with. If your curtains are wider than your rod, they can look great, but if your curtains are narrow and too short, they will surely look funny.
  • Once your curtains are through and ready, you can then now hang them up and the job is done.

In measuring for hanging curtains, the steps and instructions should be followed carefully and surely to avoid unpleasant and unattractive outcomes. Choice in fabric should also be made carefully and knowledgeably to avoid funny looking and weird curtains.


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