How To Measure for Kitchen Countertops

Exact and precise measurement is needed where space is concerned more so for large houses with lots of space to measure to make the most out of a renovation. And yes, even if budget is of no consequence, you still need to work with a contractor and interior designer for the measurements needed to buy the supplies. If you’re at a stage in your house where new kitchen countertops are called for, it’s time to take out that measuring tape and hunker down to work.

Here’s how to measure for kitchen countertops.

  1. Drawing a layout. Take a look at the kitchen space and visualize the layout that you like. Take a paper and pencil and draw what you see in your mind. Your layout should include major elements like countertop, sink, working area for slicing, chopping, dicing etc., trash bin to catch discarded cooking ingredients, sink, backsplash, wet bar, and space for your cooking and food preparation appliances. You may trim these down depending on the essentials that you need.
  2. Taking measurements for basic structure and divisions. Here comes the tricky part. Take your measuring tape and begin to measure every division based on what’s written down in your layout. The space is essentially there but if you are building kitchen countertops from scratch, you can build a mock-up by using yarn to label each division, stick a post-it for labeling, and start measuring width, depth, and thickness in inches. Jot these down and do not forget to describe which measurement is for which kitchen countertop division.
  3. Taking measurements for odd-shaped corners. Measure bends and sharp corners from its longest points – lengthwise and depthwise. It will make it easier for you to anticipate that you will have unevenly-shaped bends and corners mainly because of the design. Kitchen countertops rarely have continuity in the way it’s built so do not worry, your contractor and interior designer will know how to properly install it based on the measurements you take and if there are adjustments, these will be minimal at most.
  4. Taking measurements for backsplashes. Just plain measure the height and width as basis for buying paint, wallpaper, or tiles come decorating time.
  5. Consulting with professionals. After completing your measurements, take your list of measurements to your contractor and interior designer so you can work with them to come up with the final measurement of the entire space in square feet. The final computation will lead you to drafting the estimated budget that you need to set aside for the materials.

There’s a very popular adage used by carpenters that will serve you well, “Measure Twice, Cut Once” – it won’t hurt you to run your measuring tape twice until you are fully satisfied that you have these down squarely. Try rounding off the figures too so you have the “allowance” that might come in handy when it’s time to build your new kitchen countertop. Lastly, partnering with a contractor and an interior designer will ensure a really beautiful showcase for your home’s new kitchen countertops.


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