How To Mix Patterns in a Room

Your house is your kingdom. It may come in a simple package or a glamorous effect nevertheless it states only one thing. And that one thing points to the direction of your personality, sense of style, and idea of comfort.

You may have an idea of how to create a pleasurable setup for each of your rooms. But it would be so much better if you know some of the concepts regarding room patterns.

  1. Set your sights on what turns you on the most. Before you begin your adventure towards room design sit down for a while. Relax and contemplate. Think of something that inspires you. Think of something that makes you smile. More importantly, think of something that will make you feel so much at home. At this point grab one of your favorite magazines and scan the pages for the pattern printed in your mind. If you don’t get the satisfaction while flipping stand up and head towards fabric shops and home furniture stores. Don’t hesitate to ask the people in these establishments as their existence is founded on helping you make the right choice.
  2. Form your theme with the color of your life. A single dominant color can bring out a cohesive sense in the room. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to play with fabrics presented in more texture. Your focus here is to arrive at a specific shade. It’s not enough to say that you are a red, blue, or green person. By going with a monochromatic scene your room can give way for more designs and prints.
  3. Neutral or dominant? The choice of print relies solely on you. You can either go for a dominant floral print or you can opt to have a neutral canvass to work with. If ever you choose a dominant pattern your next step is to get the supporting details. You can add in small patterns to complement the bigger one. If you don’t like floral you have geometric figures to work with. The important thing is that balance is maintained with both compatibility and contrast. Don’t be misled by the term neutral. You can still go with shades like gray, ivory, and brown or the distant effect that a narrow stripe can provide. The good thing about going neutral is that you can allow your furniture to stand out. Imagine having a blank canvass where you can paint the color of your life.
  4. Let it all out. A general rule is to avoid pattern concentration in a single area or space. You have to even out the designs. Make sure that your chosen pattern is evenly spread out throughout the entire room.
  5. You can run away from tradition. Do not let the conventional ways of room pattern prevent you from experimenting. Fabrics and wallpapers are not the only ones that can be modified. You can use your creativity to manipulate the designs and structures of your furniture. Go back to your toddler years and recall how you used to enjoy playing with shapes. An angled couch can give a triangular effect. Tables joined together can result into plaids and checks.

This is not the time for you to stiffen up. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. More importantly enjoy each step you take.


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