How To Modernize a Bedroom

So, what is a modern bedroom then? Well, in a sense, a modern bedroom is very simple. It also reflects a look that is spick and span, organized, and logical. And, of course, it suggests a feeling of comfort and ease.

If you accept the makeover challenge, here are some straightforward pointers in making your bedroom modern:

1. (Re)color your walls. Forget about being dramatic, ostentatious, or outright showy. Go for something neutral this time. Your options? What about cream or beige? White or brown? Sage or avocado green? A neutral paint color is uncomplicated. It is obviously easy to look at and would mark the modern touch.

You may also match your comforter and your sheet with the color of your walls. This would lessen the chance of colors popping out in your bedroom. In the end, coordinating your bed with your walls assures a pleasant visual experience.

2. (Re)furnish your furniture and fixtures. Get rid of the ones with arcs and curves. They are, in a way, dated and, pardon the word, tacky. Let go of the ones with high-patterned designs, too. Invest on those pieces with clean, straight lines. They are definitely contemporary. You could also favor those choices with dark, solid finishing. For instance, you may opt to use darker shades of wood for an enhanced visual impact. Or, maybe, go for brushed metal for simple, study look. They would add a fresh touch to your furniture and fixtures.

3. Modern is minimal. Do away with the all the extras. Stick to what is basic. Keep all the essentials. Examples? Maybe you could just retain your bed, your dresser, and your side table (plus another one). And that’s it.

4. Accentuate and accessorize, moderately. Bolder colors are appropriate modern accents. But you should not splash them all over your bedroom. Plan properly.

You may want to see bolder colors in your framed photos. Place them atop your furniture and fixtures. They would definitely highlight and complement the old memories that you surely treasure. Bolder colors are also suitable to your rugs, even area carpets. You may also consider them for your pillows. However, don’t overdo it. They only serve their purpose if they look like accents and accessories. Otherwise, they could be easily dismissed as clutters.

5. Balance your lighting setup. What about neutral colored lampshades? They would certainly offer softer, more natural lighting in your bedroom. In terms of design choices, favor the funky ones. They would afford zing to your décor scheme. You may also weigh whether to keep your curtain or replace them with blinds.

6. Clean up, regularly. Fold your clothes. Stack your books. Dust off your surfaces. Keep away your knick-knacks. A clutter-free bedroom is surely inviting.

Adhering to the above-specified pointers means giving your bedroom a new life. In fact, it is a favor that benefits only one person – you!  Since it is your personal space, giving it a modern look guarantees you a place to relax and to indulge.


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