How To Mosaic a Flowerpot

Ordinary flowerpots are usually brown and dull. Turning them into mosaic flowerpots will add color to your garden. Mosaic flowerpots are very easy to do. They can also be a great gift to people who love gardening.

Here’s a simple way to mosaic your own flowerpot.

  • Prepare the materials. You will need a tile adhesive, planting containers or planting pots, tile grout, paint brush, hammer, newspapers, grout sealant, beads, tiles, pottery chips, plates and marbles. The tile adhesive, tile grout, grout sealant, hammer and paintbrush are available in hardware stores. As for planting containers, you can opt to buy a large terra cotta flower pot that is available in garden or hardware stores. You don’t have to buy newspapers. You can recycle old newspapers for this project. You can also recycle old plates, pottery chips, beads, marbles or tiles and use them as the design for your mosaic flowerpot. Place your old plates or tiles in between two newspapers. Using a hammer, break them gently until you create your desired pieces.
  • Lay out your design. Before actually sticking the pieces on your pot, lay them out on a flat surface. Make your desired pattern. Make sure that your pattern will fit your pot. Designing a very detailed pattern is not a good idea. The more detailed your pattern is, the longer it will take for you to finish your mosaic flowerpot. Also, do not design a pattern that has the pieces closer to one another. Have a wide enough space between two pieces for the tile grout. The simpler the design, the better your mosaic flowerpot will be.
  • Stick it on. On the backside of the mosaic piece, place your tile adhesive. Stick it on your pot. Finish a layer at a time to allow the tile adhesive to dry. Continue this step until you finish your desired pattern. Allow the tile adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours. Following the instructions found on the container, mix your tile grout. Apply the mixture between the spaces of your pattern using a pallet. Mold the tile grout around the piece but make sure not to move the mosaic piece. Allow the tile grout to settle for ten minutes. If there is excess tile grout, use a newspaper to rub it off. If the excess tile grout is on your mosaic piece, use a damp sponge to remove it but do so gently. Let the tile grout dry overnight. Using a paintbrush, apply grout sealant to your flowerpot. Let it dry for several hours. You can paint the grout with different colored plaster paint to make the design look better.

Avoid using tiles that have sharp edges. Larger pots are easier to mosaic rather than small pots. Remember that tile grout and tile adhesive only sticks to terra cotta pots and not to plastic pots. Make sure that you use terra cotta pots rather than plastic pots. Grout also comes in different colors. Play around with the different colors to have a more unique mosaic flowerpot.


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