How To Move a Sofa Through a Narrow Door

Ever encountered the problem of fitting a huge, bulky sofa through a narrow door? The option of putting the furniture up for sale prior to moving in to a new apartment or house is available. However, most of us who are skimping on our finances just do not have this in mind. What with the huge costs of moving in already putting a strain on your budget, it's just not a possibility. Here are some helpful tips you can turn to in case you and your sofa are in a tight spot.

  1. Determine the size of the entry points. Get the measurement of the entry point -- door, stairway, elevator or hallway -- in which you are planning to fit a huge sofa through to avoid wasting your time and energy.
  2. Get the sofa's measurement as well. After getting the dimensions of the entry point, then proceed to taking down the measurement of the sofa as well. First, get the sofa's width, from the edge of the back rest, all the way through the other side. Next is to get the sofa's height starting from its legs all the way through its back rest. Next is to get the measurement of the sofa's length from the side rest all the way through the other one. Lastly, there are some houses with foyers or hallways that do not have enough head room to fit a sofa through. To make sure that this would not be a problem, get the measurement of the space past the door.
  3. Compare the dimensions that you have acquired. Carrying the sofa with each person helping to hold onto the side would be the easiest way to go about it. To see if this will be possible, check if the sofa's width can be accommodated by the entry point's width by comparing the measurements that you have gotten down earlier. If this is not feasible, then the next option would be to have the sofa on its sides, with you and another helper holding onto the edges of the backrest and the legs. So to see if this maneuver will be achievable, compare the height of the sofa with that of the width.
  4. Consider doing these to solve the problem. If the sofa's height is longer than that of the entry point's width then it would not be possible to fit a sofa through. You may need to have the sofa's legs dismantled to fit it through the narrow entry point. You have the option of doing this on your own, although the chances of getting it severely damaged is highly likely. Another option would be to remove the door to gain enough room to maneuver the sofa in. But if you are only renting the pad, then chances are you would have to get the landlord's approval.

If all else fails, then you will need to have the sofa totally disassembled. You should hire a professional furniture carpenter to do the job for you.


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