How To Move Heavy Furniture

Moving out would entail transport of heavy and large furniture, not just the little ones, same thing when you redecorate your home. Follow these simple steps to be able to perform this task effectively.

  1. Evaluate the difference of size of the furniture with the pathway. First, make sure to assess how to pass through entrance or exit areas before going through them. Not only does this save everyone’s energy, but everyone’s time as well. Make sure that all sides of the furniture have someone holding on to it. It would also help to have a guide or a ‘spotter’ when moving, to tell what best angle to move the furniture effectively, and to have someone to ensure the lifters’ safety.
  2. Use furniture feet or furniture sliders. This handy material is available at any friendly hardware stores. It would be good to purchase a few pieces of furniture sliders of different sizes, so not only you can work on moving heavy furniture, but as well as other members of the family or your moving party. Even with redecorating all by yourself, having furniture sliders will help you finish the job yourself. All you have to do is to tilt the furniture slightly, either forward or backward, then insert the furniture slider beneath it. After making sure that you have placed furniture sliders on all the corners of the furniture, you can start pushing and moving the furniture to its designated spot.
  3. Empty the contents of the furniture. Not only does it save you energy, but it also ensures your safety when moving. Make sure that you have emptied the contents of the cabinet’s drawers. Also another thing you could do is transport the cabinet without its drawers. This prevents little accidents, such as having the drawers slide on you, and also to prevent further damage to the furniture itself.
  4. Keep the furniture close to your body. Ensure that this is done when lifting heavy objects. Also, when passing the load to another person, make sure that it is handed within the level of the knees and the shoulder to avoid strain on the receiver. When lifting, make sure that you use not only your back, but your legs and your arms as well. Keep your back straight as often as possible to prevent suffering from lower back pain afterwards.

Of course, it would always be the best option to hire professional help from a moving company, as they have the necessary tools and equipment to guarantee that your furniture is damage-free.


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