How To Open a Door with a Credit Card

You're away from your apartment again and you know exactly where your keys are -- right on top of the dresser drawer. You run to the landlord but alas, he is not there. Not much of a different situation whenever you need him, but when it comes time to collect the rent he's there on the dot all the time. Go figure.

Okay, let's assess the situation. All your tools are at home. You could break down the door but that would mean losing your deposit. All you have is your wallet and the credit cards in it. Eureka!!! That's it... You can open it using your credit card. Follow these simple steps and you'll get yourself through that door in no time. Take it from me - I went to prison for this kind of thing.

  1. Pick a card any card. The best cards to use are the ones that are most flexible. If possible, use something disposable like a gift card, membership card or those free cards that come in the mail, or even the ones you find in your wallet when you buy it.
  2. Slide it through. Slide the chosen card through the small crack on the door right where the door is.  Put it in a perpendicular angle to the door.
  3. Wiggle it in.  Now that the card is in, tilt it slightly so that the card almost touches the doorknob. Make sure that the card doesn't break. You should feel it slide even more into place.
  4. Push to open. Now that it is lodged in there, try to push the card in. If that doesn't work, tilt the card in the other direction where it almost touches the door frame. You should hear a "click" just right before the door magically opens.
  5. Call a pro. If all else fails, use the card to pay for a locksmith. That never fails.

Remember that this only works if you don't have dead bolt locks; you cannot open those with your credit card. Try it now, and hopefully you won't have to sleep in the hall.


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