How To Open a Stuck Window

Nothing can be more frustrating than going to open a window come spring after a long winter to realize that the window is stuck. Stuck windows are problematic, and if you don't properly execute opening these pesky stuck windows then you run the risk of breaking the window or potentially injuring yourself. In the article I will go step by step to help you open that stuck window.

Step one. It is important that you make sure the stuck window is unlocked. You should also make sure the stuck window is free of any nails or wedges that were placed to keep the window shut. It important to check to make sure nails are not sticking out in places, because it will hinder opening the stuck window.

Step two. Use a putty knife between the window that is stuck and the frame of said stuck window. If you cannot get the putty knife in between the stuck window and the frame, you should use a rubber mallet to push the putty knife in. You need to do this all around the edge of the stuck window, pushing the putty knife back and forth.

Step three. Try to lift up the stuck window. If you cannot lift up the sticking window, you must go outside and repeat the actions of step two.

Step four. Open the stuck window. If the stuck window catches on something, then it is okay to slowly put pressure on the stuck window to try to raise it up.

Step five. You will now need to get a sander. After you have gotten a sander, run the sander along the edge of the stuck window and the bottom of the frame. Doing this will hopefully prevent the stuck window from sticking again. It will remove whatever was making the stuck window stick. This may be paint or dirt.

Step six. Clean out the tracks of the stuck window. Something may be located in the tracks of the stuck window, so cleaning it out would prevent the window from sticking again.

Step seven. Take a candle and rub its wax on the area that you sanded on the stuck window in step four.

Step eight. Push the previously stuck window up and down a couple of times to make sure that the stuck window is no longer stuck.

Step nine. Enjoy your unstuck, open window!

If you follow these steps, you will in no time have an open window that is no longer stuck. Follow the steps closely and you will hopefully not have to deal with this window sticking for a long time!


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