How To Organize Garden Tools

Are your garden tools jumbled up in your wheelbarrow?  Have you lost your trowel - again?  Do you sometimes plan to spend the day gardening, only to find the state of your tools too discouraging?  Here are a few tips to help you organize your garden tools.

First, think about what kinds of tools you have, and how many.  Do you have larger items - a lawn mower or wheelbarrow?  What about tall tools:  rake, hoe, weed-whacker or pitchfork?  Or perhaps your garden tools are of the small, hand-held variety.  The size and quantity of tools determines how much space you need to organize them properly.

Now that you've taken inventory of your garden tools, you need to decide where to keep them.  Do you have a shed in your back yard?  Will you store them in the basement?  Or perhaps you live in an apartment - do you have a closet or cupboard that you can devote to gardening tools?  You will want your tools as close to the garden as possible, preferably in a place where the associated dirt, clippings and messiness won't be a problem. Make sure the location you select is spacious enough to fit all your tools as well as your potting soil, fertilizer, seeds, empty planters, etc.  When you've decided where to keep your gardening supplies, clear out the designated space and don't allow it to become cluttered with objects that don't pertain to gardening.

Next you should consider how best to arrange your supplies.  Which items do you use most?  You'll want these tools to be easiest to access.  Which tools do you use together?  You'll want to store them together, too.  The best way to keep your gardening tools organized is to have a place for each of them.  If you have a shed or basement and you'll be storing taller items, you might want to install wall hooks for hanging these tools.  Smaller hand tools might fit best in a drawer, though you can hang these items from hooks as well.  Use shelves to keep your extra pots and planters tidy and a bin for your potting soil.  Hang the shelves high enough so your wheelbarrow and lawn mower can sit beneath them on the floor.

While organizing your garden tools may seem like a daunting task, these tips can help!  Put a little time and thought into it, and you'll be on your way to a tidier set of tools.


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