How To Organize Your Book Shelves

This is an era where people usually just download audio books, print out reference materials and electronic books, and search for anything they need online. However, even if technology has taken a bite out of book owning, it is very important still to own a book or two, and to take care of them. Here are some instructions you can follow in organizing your book shelves to eliminate those tottering towers of books at your bedside.

  1. First, you might want to take them all out. It would be easier for you to sort through piles and piles of books if you started with a clean slate.
  2. Think of the book's purpose and how it affects your life. Ask yourself if it makes you comfortable, if it's informative, or if it is a literature or drama book. Definitely, you should think of which category these books fall into. Some people think that books are holy; that they should not be thrown away. Understanding why you are still keeping these books will distinguish what you would want to do with them rather than just letting them collect dust and lie around in your library for nothing.
  3. Set aside a specific day when you can work on it! Get some cardboard boxes and just start. Remove those that you don't want from the shelf, those that you won't care for reading at all. Now, sort through books that you're neutral about. Once you have decided on what books to be rid of, you can make a list of these books, and you may want to sell them online or donate them to charity.
  4. Next, you may want to decide on what other things you want to put on your shelves. You may want to put photo albums, DVDs, cassettes, magazines and CDs up there.
  5. Next, stack the books on your book shelves first, after considering what system would be most convenient for you. You may want to stack them by topic or arrange them by size. Line your books up in one pile and compare that to the length of your bookshelf. Cull your keep pile or think about an additional book shelf, if you're short on space. There are several types: the corner bookcase, the built-in ones, the ladder bookcases and the ones attached to your walls.
  6. You can put other items on your book shelf once you have finished stacking up your books if there's still space available for any more items. If you have collections, you can alphabetize them and sort them into genres and categories.
  7. Magazines and periodicals can be shelved in stand-up files. Label them by publication, date of publication and author.
  8. Lastly, create a list of your extensive collection of books. Arrange them by category and take note of the shelf where you kept them. Go through the book cabinets in your mini-library, and list everything that's in there, without missing any piece. It would also be great to keep a list of those books that your friends borrowed from you.

It is now up to you whether you want to custom design your mini-library. You can change the book shelves' positions from one corner to another or maybe add personalized style in your mini-library to make reading books more comfortable and worthwhile.


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