How To Organize your own Closet

Here’s one test to see if your closet needs an overhaul: find your favorite pair of old sneakers…in 5 seconds. Your closet might just need the restructuring you’ve been putting off for weeks (or years now) more than you know. Don’t worry. What you really need is a little push. Starting is the hardest part. Once you get over it, it’s easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Plan. First, you need a plan. Set a schedule for that overhaul. List down what you want your closet to look like and how many days you expect finish everything up. Usually, it takes a half to one day, if you’re used to it. What’s important is to stay on track. The deadline will help give that extra push to finish up, especially when you haven’t cleaned out before.
  2. Segregate. The next step is most crucial. Segregate all of your things—your clothes, your little trinkets, your shoes, and everything else—into three neat areas: KEEP, DISPOSE, and REUSE. You can’t keep everything. Place the clothes that you have worn at least once in the past six months in the KEEP box. Dump all your clothes, scarves, ties, shawls or shoes that haven’t been worn or used for one year in the DISPOSE box. Don’t be alarmed at how high your pile might be. Think of it as a much-deserved waxing for your closet: it hurts but it’s worth it. The REUSE box is where you put everything else in between. Some clothes can be altered to get back into fashion or some things you may give as gifts. Use this box with discretion. One man’s treasure maybe another’s junk.
  3. Organize. Once you've finally hauled out the excess, you may start organizing your closet at last. Let’s start getting solutions with your clothes.
  4. Fold and hang. Use hangers only for clothes that need them. These types of clothes may include: formal wear (dresses, blazers, slacks, etc.) and easily wrinkled blouses or pants. Place the least commonly worn clothes at the farthest corner of your closet. The more commonly used clothes should be placed in such a way that you can see them once you open your closet. There are a lot of systems to choose from when further dividing your clothes. Group clothes together in similar colors or with the same type or fabric. Make sure this becomes one of your personal customs.
  5. Shelving. You want to be able to locate your sheer pantyhose as soon as you open your closet. So you may need to use an organizer or drawers for your undergarments and another for your socks. Don’t forget to put these types of clothes on a shelf that’s most convenient for you. Need more shelves? Shelving may revolutionize your closet altogether. First, check if you can place more shelves in your closet space.
  6. Shoes. If you only have the standard five to six pairs of shoes, you can place them at the base of your closet. If there isn’t enough space for all of your footwear, use a shoe rack.
  7. Products for your closet. If your budget can afford it, you can check out the functionality of storage cabinets or cabinet organizers. They may save a lot of space.

Probably the easiest way to clean your closet is to hire someone to fix it for you. They may ask for particular designs for you to choose from. What’s important though, is to finally be able to find anything in 5 seconds flat. Now, that’s a good closet!


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