How To Paint a Closet

With all the abuse a closet takes from people opening and closing it frequently, these useful storage bins for clothes can begin to look worn down and ugly. Most often, people neglect these home furniture pieces simply because they are usually more functional for practical uses than aesthetics. However, a worn down and beaten closet can really deaden the total ambience and appearance of a room since it is obviously a major part of it. The problem at hand is that painting a closet can be a chore because of the limited space to work your magic on not to mention the difficult job in choosing the paint colors that will enable the closet to shine like new and maintain a durable look against the abuse that it takes daily. In reality, painting a closet can be easy and fun if you have the right tools and information at hand.

Remove the doors. The first step in repainting your doors is to remove them from the hinges. Painting the doors separately will be easier than painting them while attached. Detach all the handles to protect them from the paint.

Clean and repair the doors. Once you have the doors removed, wipe them down with a cloth to remove dust and dirt. Use a damp cloth to ensure that the dust will stick and any dirt or grime can be removed easily. If there are damages, fill in any holes or gaps with spackle. Make sure to sand down any bumps or uneven patches as well. Remember, the surface should be even if you want the paint to have a flawless effect.

Apply primer. As soon as you finish with the cleaning and repairs, apply primer to ensure that any dust or dirt left behind will not interfere with the paint absorption later on. Apply at least 1 coat of primer. This will be your paint base. Let the primer dry completely before proceeding with the paint.

Paint the doors. Choose a paint color that provides sheen and will make closets appear new and flawless even if it gets marked up. Do not choose a flat colored paint. If you are going for a light color, choose at least a satin or eggshell sheen. If you are more inclined to darker colors, choose brown or dark blue. However, the best option is a paint color that is light reflective as these can cover any blemishes. Use brushes to paint the door edges. Use a paint roller for the flat side of the door. Apply paint for at least 2 coats. Let one coat dry before applying the next. Use the same color or shade of color for the trim as well. For more efficiency, paint the trim while you are waiting for the paint on the doors to dry.

Paint the interiors of the closet. Like the doors, clean and repair the closet interior in the same fashion. If you have drawers inside the closet, take them out and work on them separately. Apply primer as well. Choose the appropriate color relevant to your overall theme. You may opt for a low sheen since the closet doors are closed most of the time. Use a brush and a roller for painting as well. At least 2 coats of paint will be needed.

Once you have completed the painting process for the whole closet, reassemble the door handles and hinges and reattach the doors. As soon as everything is back in order, bask in the success of your job since you now have a brand new looking closet.


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