How To Paint a Decorative Bird House

If you love painting, birds and crafts, then you’re going to love painting a decorative birdhouse. It’s a great way to release your artistic creativity and make beautiful and decorative accent pieces in your home. It’s a fun activity to do by yourself or with your friends or children.

Here’s how to paint a decorative birdhouse.

  • Get a birdhouse. If you want to get started on this project, the first thing you need is a birdhouse to paint. You can choose to make one yourself if you have the materials. Another option is to buy ready made and pre-assembled birdhouses you can buy at craft stores and sometimes even the home and garden section of several popular stores. Find a size and design you like. If you want to challenge yourself, find something a little intricate.
  • Determine a theme or scheme. When you are looking at the birdhouse, decide how you want the final product to look like. Do you want it to be eye catching? If so, use bold colors such as red, blue and yellow. If you want to make the birdhouse have a soft country appeal, you may want to stick with whites and other soft muted colors. Decide if you want to put patterns on the birdhouse and other decorative elements.
  • Prepare your paint. It’s time to get started! Bring out the paint colors you will need. Have a mixing palette, some rags or paper towels, different sized brushes and a cup with water. Use an old shirt or put on an apron to protect your clothes from paint. Also, if you want to copy a picture, bring the picture out and lay it next to the birdhouse to serve as your guide.
  • Start on one section of the walls. With your brush, get a bit of paint you have squeezed onto your palette. Add a bit of water to get the right consistency. Apply the paint on the surface. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You can always wipe it off or cover it with a different color.
  • Do the roof. When the walls are done, you can do the roof. Once you start using a different color, be careful not to get any drips on other parts. If you do, wipe it off right away with a damp rag.
  • Paint the details. When you are done with the majority of the house, it’s time to paint the extras. Use a different color for borders. Decide if you want to add some stenciled flowers, stars or other cute elements.
  • Let the paint dry. When you’re done with the final stroke, let the birdhouse rest in a dry area. Place it by a window to let the sun dry it.

Voila! You now have a lovely and fun decorative birdhouse. You can set what you have painted outside in your hard or garden. It will add so much charm to your yard. You can also set the birdhouse up in the front along your hedge or potted plants. It’s sure to be a street stopper as it is a fun and whimsical piece!


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