How To Paint a Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace serves as the heating for a room in the house during cold weather. It is sometimes regarded as the most creative display in the house. But since the advancement of heating systems, its artistic sense has now been narrowed.

Still, some people choose to preserve it for its ambiance. People still design or restore fireplace mantels.

Here are some steps on how to paint your fireplace mantel:
Prepare your materials. Prepare the tools that you’ll need for your paint job. These materials are the paint that you will use, a good set of brush paints, fine quality sand paper, polyurethane and tools for installing your material to the walls. These tools are a drill and a hammer.

Prepare the room. Remove everything that is on the fireplace mantel. Clean the surroundings of the mantel. Lay aside everything that is on the mantel. Put covering on the floor such as old newspapers or ragged clothes to avoid messes. Sand the walls if there are areas that still need to be even out.

Ready your mantle. In restoring your mantle, you may to do a little sanding job for your mantle before you start with the repainting procedure. If you are installing a new one, you can already proceed to the painting procedure.

Choose the color you want. Choose what color you will use for the mantle. Give it some test paints first and let it dry. This is to see your partial finished product. You can heed suggestions from your friends or family on the color you will use.

Paint the mantle. Apply a primer coat to the mantle before you apply the color. Then work your way by painting from the top going down to the bottom surface. This is to give you a suitable surface for the paint. Allow the paint to dry. Do a second coating if necessary.

Apply the second coat to the mantle. Double-check for any damage or dents on the mantle before proceeding to paint. This is to avoid imperfections. You can re-sand if necessary, to give it a smooth finish. Then wipe any dirt from the mantle with a damp cloth. After the paint has dried, apply a few strokes of polyurethane to the mantle to give the paint a better finish.

Painting your fireplace mantle is one way of preserving the mantle’s ambience. Make the fireplace noticeable to your guests at home. Following these steps will not only make your fireplace look brand new but it will also preserve the essence of one of the most artistic displays in the house.


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