How To Paint a Wooden Picnic Table

A picnic is an important family activity. Reserved for weekends, it is an occasion to share foods, drinks, and hearty conversations. However, an old, rickety, uncared for wooden table can easily ruin a picnic. Now, if your wooden picnic table needs to look new and fresh, coating it with paint should be an easy choice. Here are some techniques that would make your painting job hassle-free: 

Set a day to clean your wooden picnic table. Use soap and warm water. Scrub it thoroughly. Then, let it air dry. If it has been painted previously, scrape off the peelings. Use a reliable wire brush. You may also check out the rough patches. Sand them out quickly. If you need to smoothen out a wider portion of the table, it would be better to depend on an electric sander. Coarse grit sand paper would dispel the stubborn rough spots. Then, if all surfaces are already even, use a finer grit sand paper to finish the task. Make sure that the ends and edges of your wooden picnic table would also be carefully sanded. You may opt to clean it again with soap and warm water. When it is completely clean and dry, your wooden picnic table is ready for the make-over.

Schedule your painting stint. The perfect day is sunny and windless. You have to do the paint your wooden picnic table outside your house. If the day is bright, you could easily spot the portions that you missed covering. If the day is windless, you don’t need to worry much about debris being blown and sticking over your newly painted wooden picnic table.

Paint your table. Make sure that what you got is an outdoor paint. It is more resilient and long-lasting as opposed to an indoor paint. Your paint supplier could suggest quality paint products.

Popular color choices are either red or white. But they don’t necessarily set the standards. In fact, you could try any color that would fit your fancy. You may even match your choice with the color of your house or perhaps, your car.

Begin covering the top portion of your wooden picnic table. Then, find you way downwards. Don’t miss the underside. Check out every crevice, too. Once every part of your wooden picnic table has been covered, let it dry for some time. That’s your first coating. Then, when your initial coating has completely dried, apply your second coating. Again, let the second application to dry thoroughly before you schedule your wooden picnic table for another get-together.

Painting your wooden picnic table could be an annual undertaking. Consider repainting it every summer. You may even want to involve your family in deciding about the color you may want to use. If solid colors become unexciting for you, check online resources on the latest trends on wood picnic tables. Going for two or multiple tones would be a great idea, too. You may even ask your paint supplier for out-of-the-box recommendation.


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