How To Paint Base Boards

Base boards are boards that cover the lowest part of an interior wall. These boards are placed to cover the joint between the wall and the floor. It is positioned on the bottom of the wall as it is sandwiched between the wall and the floor layers. Base boards are the last things to be painted because it can be really dirty next to the floor. The bottom line is that you want to make sure that you paint the base board, and not the wall, the carpet or the floor.

Here are some tips on how to paint your base boards:

Clean up all unnecessary dirt on the base board. Remove any dirt or debris you can find on the base board. If there’s a need to sand, do it. Make it as smooth as possible so that unnecessary dirt wouldn’t cause you future problems.

Prepare your work place. Clean up unnecessary dirt or debris before you paint as this may go to your paintbrush. Be cautious. This is because you can destroy the paint on your base boards with dirt sticking on your brush. Also, place a mat or some newspaper to cover the floor or carpet. This is to avoid the paint from dripping on areas you wouldn’t want it to. It is given that no matter how careful you are with how you paint, you may still end up spilling some paint on the floor. You can also use masking tape to cover the edges of the floor.

Prepare your painting materials. These materials would be your paintbrushes, paint, lacquer thinner, masking tape, primer coat and other tools to be used on this project. Make sure they are clean and usable.

Apply primer coat. Paint your base boards with your primer using a paintbrush. This would ensure that the paint would hold on better on your boards.

Paint your first line with the paintbrush. Paint the base board from left to right starting from the top. Then, bring it down to where you want it to be. Remember to keep your hand steady to avoid the paint from staining your wall. This is quite tricky especially if the wall’s paint color is different from what you are going to use on your base boards. However, the paint doesn’t have to be applied perfectly if masking tape is covered on the walls. This will create a fine line for its transition.

Dust it off. After the base boards have been painted, wait for it to dry and settle. Once the paint has dried, dust off any unnecessary dirt to give your paint job a clean-neat finish.

These steps should make painting base boards a simpler task. There is no specific approach on how to do it. The important thing is to have fun while painting your base boards.


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