How To Paint Basement Wooden Steps

Most people think that painting a basement wooden staircase is a nuisance. However, if you try to consider the positive effect it will give your basement staircase, you will see that it’s worth the trouble. By simply doing this, you can preserve the condition of your basement stairs for a long period.

If you want your basement wooden steps to stay in good condition, then painting them is one option you might want to consider and here are the steps on how to do it.

Prepare the materials you will use. In painting your basement wooden steps, the very first thing you should do is to prepare the materials you need. For this task, you will need a used piece of cloth, sand paper, painting materials, varnish, other solutions like polyurethane, priming sealer or cleaning solutions, masking tape and enamel.

Clean the area
. When your materials are already set, you can start cleaning the area where you will paint. Use the cloth to wipe the stairs and floor near the staircase. Make sure that you remove the dust surrounding the area. After cleaning the area, use the sandpaper to remove any coats or varnish that had been used on the staircase. After doing so, sweep off any dust and debris from sanding the area. You can also use a wet cloth to make sure that there is no dust left. When you’re done with this, use the masking tape to cover the floor around the bottom staircase. This will serve as your guide when painting the bottom steps.

Repair any damage on the staircase floor. Check if there are cracks, lumps, or holes. If you find any, you can apply wood glue or filler. You can purchase this at your nearest hardware store.

Painting the wood. Use proper mixing solutions and containers for the paint. Don’t forget to use a priming sealer before coating it with your primary paint. However, if you’re using a varnish, make sure you completely sand the staircase. This is to avoid lumps when the solution settles.

You should also ensure that you use the bottom to top technique when painting. You don’t want to get trapped in the basement as you wait for the paint to dry. Also, remember to apply a second coating if necessary.

Apply Polyurethane. When the paint is dry, apply polyurethane in the bottom steps. This is to ensure that the steps will be kept in good condition. Polyurethane was already being used in the 18th century. It was used by the elite class as a decorative to their flooring.

You can also apply enamel to the staircase to achieve a hard-glossy finish. Since basement wooden steps are known to be sturdy, resistant to moist and consistent, using enamel will be a smart choice.

It seems a little weird when you think about the idea of painting the basement stair case at home. But this is a good investment for your house. Painting a basement staircase actually is one inexpensive way to maintain the look and improve the appearance of your home. And your home is always something worth investing in.


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