How To Paint Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware simply means the parts that complete a cabinet. These are the handles, hinges, pull drawers, or knobs. Painting cabinet hardware takes a lot of evaluation to determine if it is worth painting. It involves meticulous work because a simple mistake could affect the quality or appearance of the cabinet.

Follow these simple steps on how to paint cabinet hardware.

Evaluate the cabinet hardware. If you want to paint your cabinet hardware, the first thing you must do is to check the condition of your cabinet hardware. Evaluate the current finish of the cabinet, the size and the configuration of its hardware. This will help you decide if your cabinet hardware needs some painting.

Prepare the materials. After evaluating the condition of your cabinet hardware, it is time to prepare the materials you will use. For this particular task, you will need cleaning materials such as, non-surfactant or non-surface-active-chemicals like ammonia or vinegar, and water. When you’re done preparing the cleaning materials, then it is time to set up your painting materials.

Remove the hardware. When you’re done preparing the materials you’ll use, the next thing you need to do is to remove all cabinet hardware. If you have tools in removing your cabinet hardware this part will not be much of a problem for you.

Cleaning. After removing the cabinet hardware, it is time for some cleaning. Make sure that you clean your hardware first before moving on to the repainting process. Clean your cabinet hardware pieces by soaking them in warm water mixed with a non-surfactant chemical such as ammonia or vinegar. If your cabinet hardware has been painted before, its color will peel off when soaked in the solution, don’t worry, because that is a good sign. After getting it cleaned, get it out and dry them either with a tissue or a used-cloth.

Re-paint the cabinet hardware. After the hardware has dried, you can start with the re-painting. The repainting of your cabinet hardware will depend on what approach you’re going to use. But you might want to consider the spray-painting approach. It is one of the better ways to paint your hardware because of the wide range of color selections and its “neat and clean” finish.

In spray painting your hardware, you can use old newspapers as a lay out for the hardware. Work in well-ventilated areas such as your garage or basement. Hang your painted hardware on a tree branch or other recommended locations where you can put up tension wires. Spray your hardware with even strokes. Remember that when applying the spray paint, light coatings are better than thick coats.

Repainting cabinet hardware is meticulous work. But it’s worth the effort. When repainting your cabinet hardware, always take into consideration the condition of the hardware and see if you really need to repaint it.

Also, if the hardware of your cabinet has been painted before, you might want to remove the edges of the paint first before you proceed with the repainting. This is to ensure that the previous paint will not ruin the new paint.


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