How To Paint the Exterior of a House

Your home’s exterior is often the first thing that your neighbors and guests notice. How your house exterior looks usually leaves a lasting impression. This underscores the importance of having your house exterior painted. Apart from this, having a durable coating of paint will help protect your house’s exterior from the elements. Rain, snow and even harsh sunlight have a way of working into woodwork and concrete, and weakening the structure.

What you need:

  • Hose with spray nozzle
  • Detergent
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Latex primer
  • Latex exterior paint
  • Putty and putty knife
  • Work clothes
  • Sandpaper
  • Step ladder

Prepare the surfaces for painting. The first thing you should do when painting your house exterior is to clean the surfaces. If your house has old, chipped and peeling paint, you will need to take this off, to make sure the new paint will adhere properly. You can use commercial paint remover to weaken the old layers of paint, and then scrape these off using a scraper. Alternatively, you can sand the old surface off manually or with an electric sander.

You will then need to fill in any uneven surface, such as dimples, dents and nail holes with putty. Be sure to sand over this surface once dried, so you that your house exterior will look even.

After sanding and smoothing, you will need to give your exterior a good cleaning. You can use a pressurized hose with a spray nozzle and regular household detergent to get the grime off the exterior surfaces. Let your house air dry overnight, to make sure you don’t trap in moisture underneath the new paint job.

Make sure you don’t drip paint on your porch on the ground by firmly attaching old newspapers or plastic sheets in place, using masking tape. Cover all other non-paintable parts of the house, like window panes. You will also want to paint different areas separately, such as window frames, doors, and trims, so cover these as well.

Apply primer. Stir the latex primer and apply onto the house exterior. Use a paint roller for large areas, and paint brushes for corners and hard to reach areas. Let the primer dry for one day, after which you will need to apply another layer of primer.

Apply the paint. Stir the paint well, and apply onto the primer. Again, use a paint roller for large areas, starting from top to bottom. Use paint brushes for hard to reach corners. Let each layer dry for a day, for best results. You will usually need to apply two to three layers of exterior paint.

You will need to repeat this process on the highlights of your exterior, such as the window frames, door frames, and trim. Most designers would recommend using an eggshell or matte finish for the house exterior itself, and glossy finish for the accents. At the very least, you might want to use contrasting colors—a basic color on the exterior walls, and brighter colors on the accents.


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