How To Paint the Garage Floor

We all hope to get an extreme makeover for our homes from Ty Pennington but we cannot all get what we want. We also cannot expect five queer eyes to walk in and change our homes and lifestyle. Forget the house; the garage is the most ignored when it comes to beauty.  The floor of your garage is even more ignored.

You designer will kill you when they see your garage floor. It is so lifeless with that flat concrete. It does not bring the much-needed oomph all of us are clamoring for.  Splash a little color and bring life back to your tired old concrete floor.

Painting the floor is not as easy as it seems.  With these simple steps, you can learn the essentials. Your garage floor will get attention and admirers will soon be flocking to admire your floor.

  1. Realize that you are working with concrete. Concrete is a lot harder to paint than sheet rock because it needs extra steps and extra tools. Make sure you are ready for a very difficult time. Save some extra cash for an expensive day.
  2. Get your tools and materials ready. Drive to your nearest hardware to pick up some essentials. You will need a mask to protect you from the fumes; eye protection to make sure your eyes are not irritated by the painting process, and gloves to keep your hands clean. To apply the paint, you will need a paint roller, a paint brush and a paint tray and some concrete paint. To prepare the floor, get some scrub brushes, etching acid, concrete primer, trisodium phosphate, hydraulic cement, and a mop.
  3. Clean the surface. Remove everything inside the garage. You will need the entire garage floor exposed. Clean the floor thoroughly with a mop and some soap. All the grease and oil on the floor should be removed to ensure the paint sticks. Once all the grease is removed, you can proceed to the next step.
  4. Apply TSP to the floor. Mix the TSP in the bucket according to the instructions. Apply the TSP onto the floor using the mop. Once you are done with the TSP, then rinse the floor thoroughly with some tap water. Once the TSP has been washed off by the water, leave the floor for a few hours to dry.
  5. Plug up any visible holes. Since you are painting the floor, you will need to repair any dings or holes on the concrete. Apply some hydraulic cement to the holes on the cracks on the floor. This will smooth out your floor and make the paint job look superior.
  6. Mix and apply the etching acid. Follow the instructions on the package for the mixing liquid. When mixing the etching liquid, protect your eyes by using goggles and protect you hands with some rubber gloves. Apply the etching acid mixture using a mop. Do this in small increments to make spreading the acid easier. Again, let it dry.
  7. Start painting the floor. When painting a garage floor, you start it off by stirring the concrete primer. Make sure that the primer is mixed well. Pour some paint into the paint tray and apply the primer using a roller, then let it dry. Once dry, repeat the same step for the concrete paint and sealer.

Congratulations! You now have a newly painted garage floor. After some hard work and a little bit of waiting, you have done an extreme makeover the five queer eyes would be proud of. Give yourself a pat on the back and show off your new garage floor.


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