How To Pick New Windows

The passage that goes: “When God closes the door, He opens a window”, somehow reflects the reason why houses have windows. As everyone knows, windows are multi-purpose openings in your home. Like what the previously mentioned adage suggests, windows can serve as passageways in case of emergency to free anyone who may be trapped inside a room. They also bring in light to the house as well as provide an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. They also add beauty to a structure, especially when they are properly designed and installed.

When your windows are old, their functionality becomes less efficient. Windows with worn out seals on the sides can mean colder winter days inside your home. They can also contribute to inefficient cooling or heating system as air may leak through the worn out sides. Be sure not to allow this to happen. Replace your windows.

Here are some suggestions on how to pick new windows:

  1. Choose the window that suits your budget. If you have little cash available, aluminum framed windows make an ideal choice. This type may however affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system because aluminum is a thin material and therefore air can go through it easily. In this case, you may use heavy curtains to prevent air from leaking.
  2. Pick windows with steel frames if you can afford them. Windows with thick steel frames are advised if you live in a place where extreme weather conditions occur during the year. Steel frames are also efficient energy buster materials as they can help in reducing your power consumption.
  3. Select windows with modern designs and colors if exterior look is one of your top considerations in your home. Windows with vinyl frames are suggested if you want to achieve a total look of elegance. Vinyl frames are durable and can last longer than aluminum frames. They also come in varied designs, styles, colors and shapes. Once installed, you can just leave them there as they do not need fussy maintenance unlike other types of window frames in the market that require waxing and polishing now and then.
  4. Opt for windows with wood frames if you prefer a more conventional look for your home. However wood is quite expensive since the government is trying to limit the cutting of trees for furniture, wood structures and other purposes. So if you have wood framed windows in your mind, be ready with a big budget.
  5. Decide on triple layered window frames if you really want to maximize power efficiency in your home. With multi-layered window frames, you will significantly cut down your energy consumption, hence lower power bills. But again, this choice will require a lot of expenses on your part.
  6. Get the exact measurements of your window areas before going to the hardware store. Windows usually have standard measurements hence picking the right size of window frames is an easy task.
  7. Before selecting your new windows, make sure you make prior installation arrangements. Many hardware and home furnishing stores employ carpenters who can do the job for you.
  8. Check the wall on which the windows will be mounted. If there are cracks, breakages or chips, have them repaired before installing your new windows.

In picking new windows, the first thing you should consider is your available budget. If your budget is not enough for the type of windows you wish to have, better save up some more until such time that you can afford the ones you prefer. Otherwise, you may as well settle for windows of lower quality if your budget is limited.


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