How To Pick Out a Unique Tile Floor Design

The best way to pick out a unique tile floor design is to match it with the rest of your house. Look around your house and see what the themes that you having going on are. What color are your curtains? What color is your paint on the walls? What color is the carpet in the other rooms?

If you do not have a theme going on in your house, or you do not want to stick to any vibe in particular, then you need to think about what soothes you. Think to yourself what your favorite colors are and what kind of image you want to portray in the room you are flooring. Every color and pattern has its own essence and its own feel to it. For instance:

  • If you did the floors all black in your house, then it would have a very gloomy vibe.
  • If you do the floors in your house with a yellow tile, the targeted rooms will have a very girly vibe.
  • Brown gives off a very comfortable vibe.
  • Blue gives off a royal vibe and green gives off an artsy vibe.

These are just some examples, and personal preferences. Most likely, you will want to mix and match colors to create your unique tile floor design.

Something else to keep in mind is what does everyone in the house think of your floor design. You do not want to pick out a floor design that is unique but scares the kids or makes the wife unpleasant. Make sure you show the pattern that you have chosen to your family. If you have strong feelings towards the chosen color or pattern see how the people you live with feel about it, see if it clicks or if it doesn't.

Next if you have decided on a unique color you need to find a unique price. Shop around; do not just settle for the first tile company you come across. You may be able to find the same tile or tile patter at a different tiling company for cheaper. Who knows, you may even find a tile pattern that you like better than your current one.

Whatever you do, do not rush things. You do not want to end up with a room so tacky it's unbearable, all because you didn't take your time and find a unique tile floor design that you really love. This step can make or break a room, now go make your room!


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