How To Pick Right Types of Paint for Basement Remodels

One of your main concerns when remodeling your basement is to pick the right type of paint. While you have lots of options, you need to be very finicky with your choice. Remember that compared to other rooms in the house, the basement has a higher degree of humidity and is relatively dark. Both of these can largely affect your choice of paint. To help you, here are some tips on picking the right type of paint for your basement remodel.

  • Consider using elastomeric sealant. Elastomeric is especially important in waterproofing your basement walls. It is a rubber-like sealant that is used to fill in cracks on the walls. It is semi-transparent and dries hard. Apply elastomeric on your basement walls before applying paint.
  • Determine whether you will use latex-based, oil-based, or acrylic paint. Latex paint is the usual preference for DIY painting projects. Best for interiors, latex dries fast (usually six hours), is generally mildew-resistant, and can tolerate humidity. It is also very easy to clean with soap and water. Latex can be applied on cement and drywall. Oil-based, on the other hand, has better adhesive qualities. In fact, it works well on chalky surfaces, which can be quite hard to paint. Oil-based also leaves no brush marks. The problem with it, however, is that it emits strong odor, which can be an issue with interior painting, and takes a day to dry. Acrylic, on the contrary, has no strong odor, dries fast, and fade-resistant, making it an easy choice for interior painting. The only drawback is that it creates brush marks on the surface.
  • Use epoxy paint for basement floor. Epoxy paint is used to be limited to industrial painting. But because of its durability, epoxy paint has been the top choice as a garage and basement floor paint. It is resistant to tough stains like grease and oil, can tolerate heat, and is less likely to fade over time. Epoxy paint in particular is waterproof, giving it the ability to hold up in a humid setting. Another plus point for epoxy paint is that it is easy to maintain.
  • Decide on the sheen finish. The sheen finish is a personal preference. But you can choose to have satin (eggshell) or flat. Satin has a slight gloss on it that makes it perfect for walls. Flat, on the other hand, is muted and quite dull on the wall.
  • Choose paint color. The color you will choose depends on how you will use your basement. For instance, if it is going to be a playroom, use vibrant colors such as yellow and orange. If it will be a music room, you might want to play with warm colors like brown. Because the basement is quite dark, you have to pay special attention to your color choices. You might need to use light shades to create an illusion of space.

An important note: Apply two coats of paint on the walls. But make sure to completely dry the first coat before the second application.


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