How To Place a Wall Sconce for Maximum Effect

Adding a wall sconce is an easy way to decorate your house while adding the needed lighting for any room. Coming in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes, a properly placed wall sconce can even provide enough lighting to allow you to minimize ceiling lights. These decorative sconce units are also excellent ways of using the play of light as an element of design in the household – some contemporary sconces come with decorative cutout patterns that will display a beautiful imprint of light on the wall as well as the rest of the house. If you are thinking of equipping your house with wall sconces, here are the ways to do it.

  • Height. The height at which you will place the wall sconce is one of the primary factors that will determine just how large the lighting scope will be. Generally, the lower the sconce lamps are placed, the more area their light has to pass, especially since sconces are usually built with an upward sloping design which means that the focus is enlarged upwards. By lowering the sconce, you will effectively give it more space on which to project the light. Keep in mind, however, that wall sconces are designed differently. There are some wall lamps that are designed a candle sconce or wall candles. These candle sconces look like candles that are placed on a ledge on the wall, and they do not create the projection angles that the covered sconce creates. These do not need to be placed low to the ground just to achieve maximum lighting effect. In general, however, shelf height is enough for the sconce to gain enough projection.
  • Distance. The distance which one sconce has from the other is another vital consideration. Usually, the sconces should be placed at distances of around 4 to 6 feet from each other .this will allow each sconce a light radius of around 2 to 3 feet from the base, which is what the usual sconce will generate. Placed side by side at a distance of 4 to 6 feet, the lighting will be optimal. Keep in mind, however, that some sconces are purely for decoration and are created with much lower wattage. These will not light a room effectively even at distances of 2-3 feet from each other, and will need the help of more dedicated lighting equipment to effectively illuminate a room.
  • Positioning. Finally, the positioning of the sconces can also contribute to effective lighting. A regular room with four sides should have a line of sconces covering at least a third of the length of each wall. This means that a 12 feet long wall should have at least two sconces that will occupy the center of the wall, distanced at four feet from each other in order to provide maximum lighting. Keep in mind, however, that the corners will probably a bit shadowy. To offset the shadow on the corners of a room that is lit with wall sconces, you can try to add pin lights that are focused on the corners.

If properly set, your wall sconce can be enough to bring the sufficient amount of lighting you need to work in a room, especially if you are using high wattage sconces. Whether for function or decoration, however, the wall sconces are an excellent lighting choice to make your own little universe a little bit more comfortable.


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