How To Plan a Garden Pond

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could regain your strength just by looking at a lovely pond in your garden once you get home at the end of a long day? That feeling of calm and serenity can’t be beat. If you have been looking at home improvement ideas from various magazines and as a result been contemplating a garden pond, the first thing to think about is the planning stage to bring this to reality.

Here’s how to plan a garden pond.

  1. Think about how much you are willing to spend. Don’t go shaking in your knees at the thought of money for your garden pond. More to the point, you might be worried about spending thousands of dollars for it. Truth is you can spend as little as $10.00 to $15.00 for each of the materials (and fish) needed for your garden pond to become a reality. Really! All you need is a good location in your garden to dig a hole, silo that you can buy from any agricultural store, plastic liners, stones, pebbles, plants, and goldfish, this being $10.00 each.
  2. Get design ideas from home and garden magazines. There are lots of inspiration and DIY ideas that you can get from these magazines.
  3. Find the ideal location. Look for a place in your garden that is close to your bay window inside your home so you can gaze at it when the weather forces you indoors. Ditto, watch butterflies and birds hover on top of your pond. Then make sure that it has access to lots of sunlight needed by pond plants, fish, and water to thrive. Finally, a location that is not under a tree. Leaves from the tree will constantly fall on the garden pond that will only tire you out through regular cleaning.
  4. Discover the right mix. Size, depth, proportion, fish, plant, water, and décor – all these should be part of the planning stage. The idea is for you to enjoy something that is very, very low maintenance. The answer can be found by doing your research well.
  5. Get a permit prior to execution. With all due respect, you are within you rights to do whatever home improvement you need to make your private space as beautiful as you want it to be but there are laws that you might have to follow prior to making a garden pond. If the law requires a permit to build, then follow the law so you won’t get penalized for fees later. In the end, this will be for your own good.
  6. Observe safety precautions. This is highly recommended especially if you have children around. Even a garden pond that isn’t even deep enough can pose a threat to children’s safety.
  7. Consult a landscape professional or anyone you know who has a garden pond. When you have everything drawn and your materials (and fish) are ready to be purchased, consult a landscaping professional or any person who has a pond for advice. You might be missing something that needs to be pointed out to you.

Include twinkly lights in your shopping list so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden pond even at night.


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