How To Plant a Burning Bush

Make your entire year extraordinary with a plant that changes color with the season—the burning bush. From being a nice green plant of summer, it transforms into a beautiful fire-like red color in autumn. Your garden, yard, or patio will be more than just the usual by planting a burning bush.

What makes a burning bush even more appealing is that it doesn’t need a lot of care. It’s a one-of-a-kind plant that needs only typical care—water, sun, and some fertilizer.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plant a burning bush:

1.    Buy a burning bush. Visit your local plant nursery and choose the burning bush you want. Sometimes, it may be labeled as Euonymus alatus. It is usually in a gallon container. Don’t be deceived by how it looks, though. The moment you buy it, the bush might be a foot tall only. But this plant can be as high as 10 feet or even more. You should have a good place to put this in case you’re planning to make it grow to the fullest. If not, good pruning and trimming will do the trick.

2.    Choose the perfect spot for the burning bush. The burning bush needs a good space and enough sunshine. Choose a spot where it can grow to the length you want and where it can get enough sunlight—that’s neither too much nor not too little.

3.    Prepare the burning bush’s hole. Start digging a hole that is two times wider than the bush’s diameter. Add some compost to the dug hole. That would help for propagating a healthier plant.

4.    Plant the burning bush. Remove the burning bush from the gallon and loosen any excess soil by shaking the root. Place the root in the dug hole and cover it with soil. Don’t put too much soil, though. The burning bush needs a good soil drain so it won’t be helpful if the soil is too compact.

5.    Finishing touches. Cover the plant’s soil with compost and water it afterwards.

Planting is only the start of your bigger responsibility for the burning bush. You need to make sure it will live longer by taking care of it.

Here are some tips for properly maintaining the burning bush:

  • Water the plant regularly. Some plants do not need water regularly while some need more water than the usual plants. The burning bush, on the other hand, needs only the right amount of water enough to wet the soil. Do this everyday, if possible.
  • Cut the burning bush if it seems to grow more than the manageable size. Most households would even create shapes out of the leafy bush. They would create square or the famous circles. The only drawback when you do this is that you’ll also cut off the changing-color leaves. That is why it is recommended by most gardeners to find a good space for the burning bush or you might have to give up its natural beauty for the sake of fitting in.

Remember, having a burning bush around will add color and spice to your house. But this added beauty requires some hard work from you. Plants are living creatures also and more than beautifying our place, plants like burning bush, help make this world a better place.


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