How To Plant a Privacy Hedge

A privacy hedge is one thing you can plant on your garden instead of putting up walls of concrete or high fences. This is a great way to keep your privacy in your home without having to put up ugly fences or walls. You can also choose the type of hedge that you want to plant to add to the aesthetic value of your house.

Here are some tips on how you can plant your own privacy hedge:

  1. Type of hedge. The first thing you have to do is to plan what type of privacy hedge you want to plant in your garden. You can do online research on the different types of hedges that are best used as privacy edges. You can then choose a privacy hedge that you want when the choices are narrowed down.
  2. Planning. After choosing the right hedge, the next thing you have to do is make a plan on where you are going to place your hedges. When planning, take into consideration the height and the width of the hedge that you are going to plant. Make adjustments for the growth of the hedges and see to it that it won’t go over your neighbor’s property.
  3. Getting your plant hedge. When you purchase the plant hedge that you are going to use, ask the plant experts on the mature measurements of the plants so that you can position them properly on your property without them overlapping or without them having gaps in between. You will also have to as how to take care of the hedges so that they can grow properly and serve its purpose as a privacy hedge.
  4. Planting the privacy hedge. You can already plant the privacy hedge on your property. You will have to wait for it to grow before you can have full privacy. In the meantime, you can put other plants for temporary placement on the areas where the hedge is not yet growing fully. After a few weeks or months when the hedge has already matured, you can already remove the temporary plants and place them elsewhere.
  5. Maintenance. You will have to maintain the hedges to keep them looking clean by trimming. Trim the hedges once in a while when you see that there are stray stems poking out of the shape that you want it to have. If you want a less uniform look, you can let the hedge grow out and just snip off the branches that may seem out of place or that are too long for the hedge.

These are the tips on how you can plant your own privacy hedge. This is a good choice for you especially if you want to keep the design of your garden. It is also a good idea if you do not want to offend your neighbor by placing a high fence or concrete walls to set a limit for your property. Some of the shrubs that you can use are the butterfly bush, cherry laurel or spirea.


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