How To Plant Thistle Seeds

Thistle seeds are favorite feeds of wild birds, including the finches. Thistle is considered more of a weed than a plant. They are weeds because even if you don’t plant them, they grow. They grow anywhere, especially where there is much sunshine. Its seeds are fine and are said to be high in oil content and calories. They are loved by wild birds including finches.

Thistles grow from seeds and on the root system. Most herbicides kill this plant. For them they are weeds. But lovers of wild birds propagate them because they give food to their favorite birds. The backyard of the Barbican Hotel in London intentionally grows thistle because its seeds contain high amounts of calories for birds. Birds are beautiful attractions, and even the cheap hotels around the city invite birds through thistle seeds.

Thistle seeds may not need to be planted. They readily spread through their roots and become new plants. Their seeds grow when they drop to the ground as finches and small birds feed themselves. Once on the ground, no tilling of soil is needed. They grow healthily rain or shine. The growth is very forceful. Other plants give way because of the long extensive roots of the thistle.

Planting thistle seeds is very simple.

  1. If you do not have grown thistle plants yet in your backyard, buy seeds for your birds and get a handful to be sown.
  2. Before sowing, consider the land or the area where you want your thistle to grow. Once they grow, it will be very difficult for you to kill without the help of chemicals.
  3. The area allocated for your thistle need not be ploughed.
  4. After a few days the thistle seeds grow into plants. These plants have long invasive roots.
  5. You need not wait long for your thistle plants to bear flowers, which are loved by some gardeners. Then finches will enjoy with the seeds.
  6. The plants multiply rapidly; sometimes they out-compete preferred plants.

Because of the aggressiveness of thistle weeds, especially those coming from Africa, Canada, Europe and Asia, thistle weeds need to be controlled. Even if most herbicides have their way of controlling the weeds, it is sometimes a problem for them because the weeds spread very fast.

They are invasive and if they spread into pastures, cows cannot graze near them. Finches enjoy the seeds and gardeners enjoy their flowers. But now is the turn of the weed control people to use their biological and mechanical methods to have a successful program.

Learning how to plant thistle seeds need not be a big task. To plant the seeds is like adding more problem plants to your garden where legitimate plants grow. Let the golden finches drop leftover seeds from their mouths and wait for a few days for the plant to grow. You will be surprised by its growth.

If you also love birds, you should allow thistle seeds to grow. You will have a natural source of bird seed after some few weeks. Birds will come for the seeds. At first, there will be one or two birds, then the number increase from tens to hundreds and even more. For bird lovers, this is an exciting experience. For weed control people, this is a horrible sight.


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