How To Powerwash Your Home

Cleaning house exterior

Powerwashing your home may seem odd, but you really need to do it if you plan to paint your home or if you need to remove dirt and any other unwanted debris. Many people don't see a need to powerwash a home before they paint it, mainly because they think that the paint will just cover up the dirt or that it's useless to wash a home because it will be dirty again in a matter of days. The unfortunate truth is that you need a clean surface in order for the paint to form a good hard bond. You would never see an artist paint a picture on a dirty canvas so why would you paint a dirty house? Fortunately, powerwashing your home is not that hard and it can add years to your paint job.

  1. Acquire a powerwasher. First off, you need to get yourself a powerwasher. Fortunately, almost all hardware stores have powerwashers you can rent. Of course, you can also buy a powerwasher, but this will be impractical for most since you will only be using it once. You may want to ask around your neighborhood and see if anyone already has a powerwasher that you may be able to borrow.
  2. Get a ladder that will reach the top of the highest point of your home. If you don't have a ladder that will reach the top part of your home, you will need to either purchase one or borrow one from a neighbor.
  3. Set up your powerwasher. Be sure to connect the powerwasher to your hose and turn on the water. Press the spray button and test to make sure water is flowing through the powerwasher.
  4. Place your ladder. It doesn't matter which side you start with, but always work left to right, top to bottom. This is because this is the way you read and your brain is accustomed to seeing in this direction. You will be less likely to miss a spot and less prone to make mistakes. Also, make sure your ladder is steady and has at least 3 places of contact at all times.
  5. Begin spraying at the top of your house and work your way down. Always keep the sprayer at least 12 inches from your house. Powerwashers can literally blast the paint right off your house. Never point the sprayer at yourself or anyone else, as a sprayer can cause serious injury.
  6. Repeat on each side. Now that you've done your first side, move on to the next and repeat.

I hope this quick how-to has given you a good idea of what is involved in powerwashing your home. It's not that hard to powerwash your home and can be very beneficial in the long run.


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