How To Prepare a Chain Saw for Seasonal Storage

A chainsaw is the preferred tool for pruning, felling, lumbering, and clearing. Since an engine powers it, there is no need for you to exert too much effort in the activity. Nowadays, the chainsaw models that are being sold commercially will guarantee you long years of service before they break down. The length of service can be increased by enacting proper and regular chainsaw maintenance. Aside from this, to ensure that your chainsaw will run well the next time you need it, you will need to store it correctly. There are particular steps that you should follow to properly store a chainsaw in order to ensure that it is still in good running condition even after storing it for several months.

  1. Exhaust the fuel. Normally, chainsaws are used on specific seasons. With this in mind, you will want to keep it safe by storing it away from the elements and prying hands. Anytime that you prepare your chainsaw for storage, you will need to exhaust the gasoline still in the engine. Leaving gasoline in the chainsaw tank to sit for more than a month can harm the engine. It can provide an unhealthy build up in the motor that will prevent it from starting up when you need it. Remember to exhaust the gasoline before storing the chainsaw. Turn on the engine and allow it to run until all the gasoline in the tank is exhausted. If you feel that this is a waste of fuel, then you can purchase a fuel stabilizer at your local automotive supply store and pour it in the tank. This will protect your engine from any unwanted buildup.
  2. Clean the chainsaw. Once you have stabilized or exhausted the existing fuel in the chainsaw, proceed by cleaning the chainsaw as a whole. Get a clean cloth or rag wipe off any foreign elements from the chainsaw body and guide bar. If there are wood chips or sawdust still stuck, use a small utility knife to pry it out. Make sure that the chainsaw is completely clean.
  3. Oil the chainsaw. Since you will be storing the chainsaw for a while, you will want to protect all the metal parts of the chainsaw from rust and other possible buildups. Get some machine oil and apply it on a clean cloth. Wipe the cloth on all the metal parts of the chainsaw. Make sure that you do not miss any metal parts. Rust can attack anywhere. For the chain, you will need to apply a coat of machine oil. Get a small paintbrush and apply the machine oil using this. If possible, take off the chain to oil and store it separately.
  4. Store the chainsaw. Place all the guards of the chainsaw as instructed with the manual that came with the equipment. Make sure that all the sharp parts are stowed safely away. Find a high well-ventilated area in your garage or basement and place the chainsaw there. Store it high above so that it will be safe you’re your children’s eyes and hands.

If you cleaned, oiled, and stored the chainsaw correctly, then you are assured that the next time that you need it, it will run as it did before you stored it. Repeat the same steps after you finish using it. This will significantly lengthen the lifespan of the chainsaw.


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