How To Prepare for Shelf Installation

If you need to create more storage space, consider installing shelves in your home. There are different styles and colors available that are able to handle a variety of weights. It may seem complicated, but shelf installation is actually easy to do. Here’s how to prepare.

  1. Decide what you will put on the shelf. If it will hold decorative items, perhaps you don’t need as many shelves. Knowing what you will use the shelf for will help you narrow down the size, width and where you will install the shelves. You also have the check the weight capacity of the shelves you will buy, especially if you will place something heavy on it such as books or a piece of art.
  2. Determine the wall that you will install a shelf. Find out if the wall is drywall or cement. You need to make sure that the wall will be able to support the shelves you plan to install.
  3. Measure the wall space where you plan to put up the shelf. Estimate the size of the shelf you will put up and check that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Don’t forget to measure for the depth of the shelves. You don’t want it to hit things or overlap a window since it is protruding from the wall.
  4. Check the overall design of your room. When choosing your shelving, you want to go with something that will complement the overall design theme of your room. There are decorative shelves that have been pre-assembled so choose a style and color that will blend well in your room.
  5. Go to the hardware or home store and purchase the shelves you will use. If you decide to go with simple planks of wood mounted on L brackets, have the wood pre cut to your required dimensions. Purchase enough screws, tox or drill bits. If you will paint the wood, purchase the paint color of your choice. It may be easier to buy a packaged shelving system that you will just need to mount. Everything you need is inside one box, except the tools. Read the maximum weight capacity of the shelves you will buy to make sure it can bear the weight of whatever you decide to put on it.
  6. When you get home, clear the space you will mount the shelves on. Move the furniture away from the wall to give you ample space to move around. Give the wall a good wipe down to remove any dust or cobwebs.
  7. Read the installation instructions before you drill anything. Prepare your tools such as screwdriver, measuring tape, a pencil, drill and drill bits, safety goggles and a level.

There you have it! You are now ready to install your shelves. Make sure you measure and mark carefully before you drill. Wear safety goggles before handling the drill. Use the level to check for the evenness of the shelves. With proper preparation, shelf installation is a quick and easy process.


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