How To Prepare Your Patio for Summer

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During the summertime, it’s fun to spend time outdoors on your patio. It’s a great way to enjoy your garden, have a barbeque or just relax and watch the sunset and enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Once the spring season arrives, you can start preparing your patio so you can relax and enjoy in it once the summer season arrives. Here’s how to prepare your patio for the summer.

  1. Clean out your patio of any debris. Sweep off any dust, dried leaves and branches. Clear the area so you can make space for your patio furniture. Pack away any winter gear you left out in your patio.
  2. Check the brick flooring of your patio. Snow or rain may have seeped through between the cracks during the winter season, causing some bricks or stone to come loose. Replace any cracked or broken stones. If you have a wooden deck patio, check for termites and treat your wood as needed. If there is a crawl space under your patio, make sure no little creatures have settled and made it their home. Summer is also the time to repaint your patio and use waterproofing on any wood used.
  3. Bring out the patio furniture. Check the condition of the furniture. If it is in total disrepair, why not replace it with a new set? However, if you can still salvage it, then it can be a do it yourself home project. Wicker furniture can be cleaned and repainted. Seat cushions can be reupholstered to give the furniture a new look. Give the tables and seats a good wash down. If you wet it, just leave it out under the sun to dry properly. If you have a patio swing, grease the hinges.
  4. Work on the garden. Spring and summer is the time to enjoy the foliage. Surround your patio with healthy and lush plants. If your shrubs did not make it over the harsh winter, replace it with new plantings. Buy new flowering plants. Pull out any weeds, especially one pushing out from between the patio flooring or walkway.
  5. Decorate your patio. If your patio is connected to your house, you can treat it as an outdoor room. Place items made from natural materials such as a sizzle rug, bamboo sticks or rattan and wicker furniture. Use beautiful but weatherproof fabrics on the tablecloth and on throw pillows and cushions. Put some citronella candles on the table so the bugs keep away. Bring the indoors outside. Why not hang chimes on the trees of your garden, so you can hear the delightful tinkling whenever the wind blows? If you decorate your patio space in a comfortable and inviting way, you may just decide to spend all summer long outdoors.

Now that you have made your patio a delightful space, you can now enjoy the space! Have a summer barbeque and invite some friends and neighbors over. Bring out some iced tea and a good novel and spend the time outdoors.


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