How To Price an Interior House Paint Job

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If it seems that your old worn down house has gone out of style, then a simple renovation might be in order to make its style and theme current and desirable. A good way to achieve this is by repainting your house interior. A good interior paint job on walls and ceilings can significantly improve the overall aesthetics of a home. In fact, a decent paint job can ensure that your old house will look new again. The expense of an interior paint job can be very costly if you hire a professional painter to it for you. If you want to save your wad of cash, you can actually do the job yourself. It is very easy, simple, and truly cost-efficient.

Measure the interior. If you are planning to take a stab at the painting job yourself then the first step you will want to take is to measure the dimensions of each room that you want to revamp. Take a measuring tape and start with the width and height of each wall. When that is done, get a ladder and measure the dimensions of the ceilings as well. This may be a difficult job so it is wise to ask a friend or family member to assist you. Make sure to list the measurements of each wall and ceiling down on a piece of paper because you will definitely need the measurements to estimate the materials you will need to purchase later on.

Go to your local hardware supply store. Now that you have the measurements written down, visit a hardware supply store in your area and look for the materials you will need. Bring a calculator and a piece of paper. Select paint for each of your wall and ceiling. Each gallon of paint can cover a limited amount of area with multiple coats. Make sure to check how much each gallon can cover in terms of square footage. This will give you an idea on how many gallons of paint you will need for the job. At the same time, check out the different colors of paint available. Some paint colors can be more expensive than other common ones. In any case, select the paints you need and list down the prices. To ensure that you get the best price, try to visit other hardware supply stores in your area and canvas the price of the paint there as well. Make sure to list the costs of each gallon and use your calculator to compute the total cost for the paint. Make sure to include the costs for the paint brush, paint roller, spackle, and other materials needed to complete the paint job. Consult the in-house experts of each hardware store if you are unsure of the materials you will need. They can also help you to compute the total square footage of each wall and ceiling in your home. If you will notice at the end of your calculations, the total cost of doing the job yourself is only a fraction of the expected costs if you hire a professional painter.

Locate a professional. If you have the money and do not want the hassle of the job, you can always hire a professional painter to do it for you. Look for a professional painter in the yellow pages or on various online directories on the Internet. Write down the information and give them a call. Inquire how much it will cost for them to repaint your interior based on the measurements you have. Select the most cost-effective professional. Painting is an easy job so you do not really have to worry about picking a good painter since anyone can do a fine paint job with a little know-how.

These are the two ways that you can effectively price an interior house paint job. You can either do it yourself or have someone more knowledgeable do it for you. The latter will always cost more but if you canvas the rates correctly, savings can still be achieved.


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