How To Properly Store Supplies in a Garden Shed

Anyone lucky enough to have a garden shed in their backyard should know how to properly store supplies inside in order to keep their gardening tools and supplies in good repair.  Properly storing supplies in a garden shed also makes it much more convenient to find what you are looking for without wasting time.

It's easy to begin filling up your garden shed in a haphazard fashion, but eventually it makes the shed a catch-all for everything in a jumble rather than an organized and orderly place to store both large and small gardening and landscaping equipment and tools.

Start organizing your garden shed by storing large equipment against the back wall with a path in the center or the side of the shed so you can easily access things like lawn mowers, tillers, weed whackers and wheelbarrows without having to crawl over them every time you enter the shed.

Make sure your garden shed has both high and low shelving.  Store things you use infrequently or very rarely up on the high shelving, but use common sense.  If an item is heavy or has sharp edges, store it under cover on the floor below in a container clearly marked with identification of what's inside.   Make a list of what's stored on that shelf and thumbtack it to the corner of the shelving for quick reference.  On the lower shelf, assemble those things like hand trowels and gardening shears that you find yourself using on a regular basis.

Put up a pegboard on the wall of the shed in order to give yourself additional space to hang such tools as trowels and repotting implements.  Keep tools such as long-handled brooms, rakes, shovels and other implements hanging on hooks so they are always within easy reach.

Have a storage container that can be locked to safeguard items such as gasoline for the lawn mower, pesticides and other chemical sprays.  It's important to keep such items locked away so that children and pets won't have access to them.

Always put items back in the same place so you can more easily remember where to find something the next time you want it.  Leave enough room so that you can maneuver the heavier equipment in and out from the back of the shed. Whenever you add a new gardening item to your shed, it's a good idea to eliminate the old thing you are replacing, or look around and see if something else needs to be tossed or recycled.

Using your garden shed as an organized place to store gardening equipment will not only protect your investments, but also make working in the garden more pleasurable.


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