How To Properly Use a Paint Brush

Using a paint brush sounds easy enough doesn’t it?  At one time or another we have all used a paintbrush but are we using it correctly? Believe it or not, there is a proper way to use a paint brush; here I’ll explain the technique to you.

Before you start painting, you will need a paintbrush.  When purchasing a paintbrush don't purchase the cheap one; buy the best brush that you can afford.  The best brushes are contoured on the end, not flat.

The first step in using a paintbrush correctly is to know how to load paint onto the brush.  In order to prevent dripping, dip the brush into the paint up to 1/3 of the length of the bristles.  Tap both sides of the brush against the side of the paint can--picture a bell ringing, that is the movement you will make with your paintbrush.  A typical mistake that many people make is scraping the paintbrush across the edge of the paint can; this only wipes off the paint ultimately making the brush useless.

Now it’s time to start painting.  Start at the top of the surface and move your paint brush horizontal with long even strokes.  Paint from dry areas into wet areas to help minimize ridges in the paint.  If you are painting a wood surface, remember to follow the grain of the wood.  The paint should flow smoothly, once you see the brush starting to drag and the paint thinning out, it's time to reload your brush.

If you are painting something with a lot of detail, instead of using the whole paintbrush, you will use only the tip of the brush.  It’s easy for paint to drip if you apply too much to items with a lot of detail.  The paint will gather into the detailed grooves and drip or drizzle making your new paint job look unappealing.

After you have the paint applied you will need to smooth it out.  Basically this step is to make sure that the paint is evenly distributed.  Work the paintbrush into the wet paint and brush lightly across in long even strokes.

Once you are done painting remember to immediately clean your paintbrush the proper way.  For latex paint use soapy water, rinse and then dry off.  If you take good care of your paint brushes they will last for many years.


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