How To Protect Windows Against a Ball

When you've got kids (or even a rowdy husband), your windows are vulnerable when ball games are being played nearby. Save yourself the stress of having to replace expensive windows by protecting them against damage from balls. Here's how:

Step 1

Invest in a protector shield for your windows. If you can afford it, some window companies offer a protective film that can be installed on your windows that will save your windows from destruction and damage caused by a ball. Some also refer to this as ‘Double Glazing'.  It's not inexpensive, but it is your most attractive option. Plus, it also helps to reflect water and weather damage and it will save you considerable money on your heating bill.

Step 2

Install some shutters. Protecting windows against a ball might be as simple as making use of shutters. If you suspect that your loved ones may be playing too close to the house, just ask them to close the shutters on the windows first. Shutters are made of durable plastic or wood, and will do much to prevent damage to windows.

Step 3

Put in some metal bars. If you live in a sketchy neighborhood, you might be able to get your window protectors to do double-duty. Install some permanent metal caging on the outside of your windows to keep out balls and thieves. These aren't the most attractive addition to the outside of your home, but they will give you peace of mind that your home (and your windows) are safe from intrusion.

Step 4

Get metal coverings for your windows. Cottage-owners and those with second homes know the value of a metal window covers. These are electronically controlled window covers that are installed in a rectangular box at the top of your window. When you want to cover your windows to protect them while you're away or while the kids are at play, simply activate the metal covers. A simple click of a remote will make the metal covers slide down over your windows, creating a permanent seal. It unrolls much like a canvas shade would, except it slides down perfectly into sealed slots on either side of the window. No weather, person or ball will have a chance against these strong window protectors.

Step 5

Stay away from plate glass. If you can't afford some type of additional protection for your windows, you can still protect windows from a ball by using the right type of glass in the windows. Plate glass windows will shatter with little pressure. Go for thicker, tempered glass windows. They're your best bet for protection against balls.


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