How To Protect Your Garden from Animals

When spring comes, folks with green thumbs just cannot wait to start working on their gardens. This usually involves planning, preparation and taking stock of your tools. One big part of garden planning and maintenance, though, is keeping animals away. A lot of animals like to live in gardens, sometimes burrowing into the soil, and sometimes living amidst the shrubbery. Some of these are beneficial, while some can be considered pests, as they eat leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Here are a few ways you can deal with animals in your garden.

Identify and learn about the animals. The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of animals that frequent your garden. This will vary depending on your location. You can then use this to create a strategy for fending off animals from your garden.

Usually, your “enemy” would include birds, rodents, rabbits, insects, or even big animals like deer. Some examples are squirrels, mice, raccoons and skunks, among others.

Use natural deterrents. Some plants can naturally deter animals from living in your garden. For example, birds, rabbits, skunks, gophers, moles, opossum, mice, and woodchucks are averse to plants and trees like Wormwood, lavender, castor bean, flowering onions, crown imperial fritillary, Mexican marigold, dusty miller, and the like.

Deer, meanwhile, will stay away from boxwood, Lilac, china berry, jasmine, holly, butterfly bush, smoke tree, wax myrtle, daffodils, aloe vera, clematis, foxglove, columbine, iris, and the like.

Spray spices and liquid on the plants. Animals often eat the leaves, flowers, fruits and other parts of your garden plants. You can deter them from doing so by brewing a spicy mixture. This will include a whole bulb of garlic, three hot chilli peppers, and about one quart of water. Divide the garlic into cloves and smash them lightly, and chop the peppers. Then, brew these into a tea—let it steep for a few minutes in boiled water. Let the solution sit in place for about one week, after which you should strain it and transfer to a spray bottle. Use about half cup of the mixture, plus a pint of water and three drops of dishwashing soap. You can spray these on leaves as an animal deterrent. Re-spray your garden after the rain.

You can also use Epsom salt. Sprinkle about ½ cup of Epsom salt on your plants and the soil. A lot of animals don’t like the taste of the salt, and will leave your garden alone. The Epsom salt is also rich with magnesium, which can be beneficial to your produce.

Use a fence. And of course, the last resort would be to physically keep animals away from your garden. A fence is the best way to do this. You can use different material, such as wood or cyclone wire. Make sure the fence is big enough to deter larger animals. If your “enemy” are the smaller animals, you can use chicken wire so they cannot get through.

Protect your garden. The best way is through natural means.


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