How To Purchase Reclaimed or Recycled Building Materials

Construction material costs are very prohibitive. Remodeling your house or adding an extension requires a lot of work and additional expense. You can save on the cost of building materials if you purchase those that are recycled and reclaimed from old houses and buildings. You may find that there are very good and available building materials that are sold today that will add more charm and durability to your home.

Below are tips on how to purchase reclaimed or recycled building materials.

  1. You should seek professional help to draw up the plan for your project. There are various sites that you can visit which can help you determine the style, type, and building requirements and estimated cost of a project, whether you are going to build a new room, remodel your house or building. Make sure that you input every detail into the form provided to come up with a very solid plan.
  2. Determine what types of building materials you will need. This should be based on the general design of your house and the materials that were used originally. The design of the new addition or remodeling project should indicate the building materials that should be used. There are suppliers and crafts shops that will be able to supply you with raw or custom made items made from recycled and reclaimed building materials.
  3. Set out your budget, as everything will depend on it. Divide the building requirements into new and recycled. There are construction needs that will be new purchases and those that you can buy from recyclers. With the demand for nostalgia and the availability of good recycled materials, there are several suppliers where you can source your materials.
  4. Check out the cost differences between new and recycled building materials and see where you can have more savings. Consider the quality of the materials that you will need and the profitability of looking for recycled materials. You can find better quality recycled materials that have mellowed with age and have withstood the test of time, particularly large timber posts and wood planks, and pieces of furniture.
  5. Search online for suppliers of recycled and reclaimed building materials. There are sites where you can order these materials. There are those where you can get recycled and reclaimed materials as is and those who create custom-made pieces out of recycled wood such as bars and countertops, cabinets, mantels, tables, chairs, doors and so much more. You can also have wood pieces planed, sanded or re-milled.
  6. One website that you can visit is the Planet Reuse website. Here you can make a free listing if you have recycled or reclaimed building materials to sell and at the same time list all the recycled and reclaimed items that you require and they will help you match the materials that you need based on your project. They will even source out particular materials from around the globe. They have design consultants that can help you build your project from scratch, using recycled and reclaimed building materials that will give you up to twenty percent in savings over using new materials. Their fees are built into the price of the materials that you will buy.

Using recycled and reclaimed building materials are very cost efficient and can help you max up on savings that you can used to pay for the cost of new building materials that you cannot do without.


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