How To Put a Bit in a Dewalt Drill

A Dewalt drill is a convenient power tool to have in the house for your drilling jobs. Dewalt drills come in many models; some with power cords attached and some have rechargeable battery packs. Drill bits come in different sizes and materials to drill holes on different surfaces. Twist bits are ideal for wood, plastic and most metals. Masonry bits are used for drilling holes on concrete, stones, bricks and quarry tiles. There are other drill bits made for specific purposes such as making larger holes for door knobs.

To be able to use the drill it should have a drill bit attached to the chuck at the end of the drill. You have to know how to loosen the chuck and insert the drill bit before you can begin drilling and the tips below will show you how this is done.

  1. The Dewalt drill usually comes with a keyless chuck or a chuck with a standard key. The drill bit is inserted at the tip of the chuck, which opens to accommodate and hold the drill bit in place. Check the side of the chuck. If it has a hole, then it needs a chuck key to loosen it. A keyless Dewalt drill will have a spindle lock on the side that will open the chuck.
  2. Ensure that the Dewalt drill is unplugged before you open the chuck to avoid the accidental pressing of the button that will start the drill and cause personal injury.
  3. Insert the chuck key into the hole and turn it counterclockwise until the chuck is loosened. You can now remove the keyed chuck and finish loosening it with your hand. The aperture that will hold the drill bit is designed to accommodate different sizes of drill bits.
  4. If you have a keyless chuck, you have to press the spindle button to release the chuck and turn it counterclockwise manually to open it.
  5. When the opening is wide enough for the drill bit to be inserted, take your drill bit and insert the blunt end of it into the hole. Push it in until it comes in contact with the barrier inside the chuck.
  6. Reinsert the chuck key into the hole on the collar of the chuck and turn it clockwise to tighten it. Make sure that the drill but is secure and held tight and cannot be removed when you pull it.
  7. Ensure that the chuck key is removed from the hole before you start using your Dewalt drill. Turn on the drill to see if it starts smoothly by pressing the trigger a few times. Check if the bit is held securely by making practice hole drilling on a piece of wood. The drill bit should hold steady and will not wobble when used. It should also remain inside the chuck when you pull back the drill.
  8. Ensure that the drill bit you are using is of the right size for your requirement. There should be enough space around the drilled hole for the screw to eat into and secure the pieces together. Do not touch the drill bit right after you have finished drilling to avoid getting burned, as the drill bit will be very hot.

Ensure that you take all the necessary precautions when working with power tools. Wear protective gear for your hands and your eyes and wear the right work clothes to protect your body. Drill bits can break and fly and can cause serious injuries. Make sure that you use the right drill bit for the purpose.


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