How To Put Up a Door Mirror

Having a large walk-in closet is undeniably wonderful.  It allows you to check out your outfit and yourself just before your go out of the house.  Now, if having a large walk-in closet is difficult for you now, putting up a door mirror is a good alternative.  You can create an illusion of space.  Your mirror can be attached directly into your closet’s door, in your bathroom, or even in your bedroom.   Here are some practical tips to help you hang your door mirror effortlessly:

Realize that you can’t do the job alone.  Ask somebody’s help.  The person should be able to hold the mirror for you.  He should be able to hold it firmly where you want to securely put it on.  Of course, if you are not comfortable doing the task on your own, ask him to do it for you and then hold the mirror for him instead.

Prepare your materials.  Aside from the actual door mirror, you need to have a measuring tape, a pencil, an electric screwdriver, and pieces of screw.  You can find the materials in your nearby hardware or discount store.  If you are lucky, you may find them readily available in your tool box.

Do some measuring.  Aid yourself with a measuring tape and a pencil.  Estimate the level where you want to hang up the mirror.  Mark your measurements on the door.  Trace it using a pencil.  Take note that you should allow one-inch mark on each of your mirror’s corner.  The measurements can guide you in putting your mirror on the right spot behind your target door.

You should also measure the thickness of your door.  Make sure that your screws are going to fit such thickness.  If your screws happen to come out at the back of your door, don’t forget to insert them back for safety.

Put some screws on your mirror.  You need an electric screwdriver to do the trick.  You may also use an electric drill.  Your goal is to be able to insert three screws just across the upper part of your mirror.  You should be able to do that evenly.  The screws should pass through your mirror’s frame, not directly through the glass.  Once done with the screws on the upper part, insert two more pieces on the sides of your mirror.  Try to attach the screws halfway down on any of the two sides.  Eventually, insert the last three screws across at the lower part of your mirror.  Fasten the screws tightly.  Countercheck if your mirror has been held straight and firmly.

Checking yourself out just before you leave your house may become easy after you have installed your door mirror.  However, you may need to be more careful in closing your door.  You don’t want to bang it loudly.  You newly installed mirror may get broken.  You don’t want that to happen.  Every now and then, check out the screws.  Adjust, tighten, or secure them when needed.  Avoid accidents from happening.


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