How To Put Wallpaper on a Ceiling

Are you tired of your ceiling? Is it too plain? Is it boring? Well, you may consider adding wallpaper to your ceiling. It can definitely give your room a new look. It can freshen up your perspective. And it can challenge you to accomplish a rewarding project. Here are techniques on how to put wallpaper on your ceiling:

  1. Scout for the right wallpaper. Go to your nearby community store. You can readily find options. You may choose the one that perfectly matches the current design of your walls. You may also opt for a color that can perk up your home’s general atmosphere.
  2. Prepare your ceiling for the makeover. Begin by turning off all the electrical connections. You can also remove or take down the lighting fixtures inside your room. Then, you can start sanding your ceiling. This can be conveniently done using a sander. Simply keep going in a repetitive, circular motion. Do it evenly. Work your way efficiently. Move from one end of your room until you reach the other end. If a sander is not available, you may attach a sandpaper directly into something long, like a sponge mop. You may wrap around the sandpaper using rubber bands or clamps. Of course, you need to remove the excess grit on your ceiling. You can do that by using your sponge mop. You need to wait for your ceiling to dry.
  3. Coat your ceiling. Apply a primer. You may use something acrylic. Go for something that is made for clay-based adhesives. Again, you need to wait until the primer is completely dry. Usually, one or two days is a good window period.
  4. Work on your measurements. Take note of your ceiling’s and your wallpaper’s actual dimensions. Make sure that you neatly cut your wallpaper. You should also provide an extra two-inch allowance on each side. This is a good back up plan. In case of error, you still have extra to use.
  5. Ready your wallpaper. Lay it on a clean, flat surface. Depending on the kind of design you want to achieve, you may consider cutting your wallpaper into suitable strips. If your intention is to match your current room design, simply cut the patterns accordingly. Then, get your paint roller so you can evenly apply your clay-based adhesive to your wallpaper.
  6. Get a partner to do the job. Start working in one of the corners of your room. By standing on a ladder, you should press the wallpaper firmly. The wallpaper should touch edge of your ceiling. You can smoothen out the pasting of the wallpaper by utilizing a smoothing brush. Then, instruct you partner to quickly press the wallpaper. He can use a dry sponge mop.

You should efficiently apply the next wallpaper strip. You should also line up the edges. Your goal is to make them meet and not overlap. Keep repeating the process until your entire ceiling is thoroughly covered. Don’t force yourself to finish everything in a day. You can always pause and continue the next day.


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