How To Quote a Paint Job on a House

Repainting walls

Painting a house can be a very tedious task, not to mention its being time-consuming. No wonder why a lot of households would rather give the painting job to other people. Besides, people will pay you to do the hard work while they do other important jobs. Well, that certainly is good news for you, especially if you need extra money and you know how to properly paint a house. Now, there is only one thing to do—know how to quote a paint job on a house.

Many beginners find it hard how to quote a paint job. Some overprice it while some under-price it. You should play it fair for yourself and for the client. Here are some techniques on quoting your paint job on a house:

  • Competitors’ quote. Learn how other freelance painters quote for their job. Call about three painters and have them quote a house paint job. Get the average of their quote and that’s how you should price for your job, too. You can offer cheaper than the usual quote if you are a newbie. This way, you’ll give better deal for clients that are hesitant to work with a newbie.
  • Materials. Not all houses will have the same specifications for painting their houses. Some would require the use of special materials to get their desired effect. It’s best that you include the materials you will need when quoting a paint job. List down all the paint, brushes, rags, and other things you’ll need. Consider your rate for the paint job, gas you’ll need to reach the place, and your meals. By all these, you will be reasonable when quoting a special paint job.
  • Estimate by wall size. Estimating will be the best if the client wants the quote fast. For that, you can do the wall estimation technique. With this, you’ll have to estimate how much you’ll spend for every foot or every meter of the area that needs to be painted. Many professional painters do this technique. You can have the same per-wall asking price as how other painters are asking. If not, you can estimate how much it will cost to work on a foot or a meter of a concrete wall.
  • Consider other things. Besides the usual paint job, does the client ask for extra services like repairing wall cracks, removing old paint, and installing some wall decorations. Make sure you will include the charges for these extra services in your quote.

The best thing to do when quoting a paint job is to imagine what you will do from the start to finish of the job. This way, you can take note of additional things you will do and extra expenses you’ll incur. Don’t forget to be competitive, too. You’ll never get the project if you’ll quote higher than other painters. Lastly, always remember to play it fair. There may be negotiations for the price but as long as you play it fair for yourself and the client, you can always reach an agreeable adjustment. 


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