How To Recognize Cottage Style

"Down-to-earth" perhaps best describes this style which resembles the English country and cottage chic styles in certain ways. It's marked by a cozy, carefree, and colorful ambience -- laid-back, not finding the need to be what it is not. In decorating in the cottage style, remember to include the following features.

Step 1

Exposed woodwork is a give-away of the cottage style. Doors are flat and simple, with little or no ornament, often painted white, and there would likely be balconies and window seats.

Step 2

The popular colors of the cottage style interior are greens, pinks, whites, and yellows-- soft colors that repeat those of the garden outside. These colors appear again in the fabrics which often have floral patterns.

Step 3

There's a certain laid-back style. Woven baskets, often painted white, provide both visual and tactile textures, as do natural fibers and braided rugs. Wall panels of materials different from the inner wall are also popular, as is wallpaper, especially ones with floral patterns or subdued geometric shapes or stripes. Texture is also provided by the upholstery of the furniture, which, aside from leather, can be corduroy.

Step 4

An old look permeates. A distressed paint finish characterizes the furniture of the cottage style. Sofas and chairs, like the English country style, are overstuffed and comfortable, fitted with slipcovers which, needless to say, are often in floral patterns. The cottage style lends itself very well to metal wall décor, wrought iron furnishing for the living room, kitchen, or patio. Wicker is also popular. Anything that looks like it has been passed on from generation to generation is welcome in cottage-style homes, as are antique pieces, nautical pieces, old-looking discount oil paintings on canvas, or even old musical instruments. A fireplace usually completes the homey ambience.

Step 5

Flowers are never missing. Fresh flowers are de rigueur in cottage style homes. Visitors would often find bouquets of pink roses placed in china vases.

Step 6

Wrought iron furniture, metal headboards, and wrought iron patio pieces are often found in cottage homes.

Step 7

No-frills design of the kitchen cabinets characterize the cottage-style kitchen.

Step 8

The floor is normally wooden.

Step 9

Windows are often shuttered, and sport light, sheer drapes in floral patterns. Fabrics made from natural, woven fibers are common, in line with the light and breezy ambience that is a standard feature of cottage homes. An alternative is curtains in vintage fabric like toile. The cottage-style home needs only the sun to provide daytime lighting. Night lighting is provided by lampshades and other lamps, sometimes of the vintage type.

The cottage style has long been used in vacation homes where families would hie away for the weekend. Today, it's enjoying a revival.

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