How To Recognize Modern Style

"Minimalist" best describes this style.  Unlike the English Country style's controlled clutter and well-lived-in look,  there isn't much to distract the eyes in the modern style.  One look at the sparse and sparing interior, and one can tell right away he's in one.  This is no accident, however, the modern style being all about space.  Color, texture, art, and accessories, therefore, assume extreme importance-it's these that give the unit its personality.   It's amazing how personality - and attitude or even chutzpah-- is  thus conveyed.  While traditional styles convey a sense of homeyness, the modern style exudes efficiency.  Here's how one may go about decorating his unit in the modern style.

Step 1

Have an open floor plan.  Let the space be divided  only by modular furniture, low cabinets, and glass bricks.

Step 2

Keep the walls free of moldings or embellishments.  Walls may be white, brown, gray, beige, or chrome.  A favorite material is glass, which is understandable given the emphasis on space.  With glass, walls, in effect, become  giant picture windows, enabling the view outside to come in, whether this be  the  magnificent  ocean, or Las Vegas by night.    

Step 3

Accent with color.  Bursts of color in splashes of red, yellow, or blue and also of geometric  black and white --often given visual impact by the clever use of light-- impart  oomph to an otherwise drab look.  This is chiefly accomplished through  abstract art paintings and contemporary art such as modern expressionism and pop art. Etched glass, translucent or colored art glass, metal wall sculptures, and mobiles convey light and airiness, and are often found in modern units. Twig arrangements, bamboo, sisal, or coir give a welcome change. Period art may also be used:  art deco of the 30s or pop art of the 60s.

Step 4

Lighting is important. Lighting works with accents and accessories to convey the personality of the unit.  Track lighting, recessed lighting, and halogen ceiling spots give visual excitement to  specific areas of the interior, cleverly creating mood.  The modern style uses lighting variations, each designed for a specific mood, and often working in conjunction with sound-sometimes  at the touch of a remote control button. Paintings highlighted by a spotlight, or other objet d'art on which a beam of light has been focused complete the excitement.

Step 5

Keep the windows huge.  Huge, unadorned windows characterize the modern style. Aside from affording a view of the outside, the soaring windows allow a stream of light in, the play of light and shadow expressing the unit's  personality.

Step 6

Use modular furniture.  Modular sofas in chrome and black leather, daybeds, and stacking tables and chairs are popular, as are chrome and stainless steel  accents  in  sleek  and polished surfaces.

Step 7

Keep away from sight everything in the kitchen.  Like everything else in the modern style, the kitchen has a sparse look.  Decidedly high-tech, not much is readily visible, not even the ref.   But kitchen gadgets of every type are there, all right, cleverly hidden behind seemingly  blank kitchen walls.

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