How To Redo a Bathroom Floor

For a lot of people, the bathroom is a haven where they can perform the natural excretory functions of their bodies while enjoying the peace and quiet. The bathroom, for some people, is a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of their dreary everyday lives. This is the reason why many people focus a lot of money and effort in designing and decorating their home bathrooms. These people splurge on the fixtures and flooring. At a certain point in time, these people will see wear and tear on their bathroom floors. When this happens, it is high time to redo the bathroom floor. The job of redoing and replacing your bathroom floor can be a tough one. However, if you are familiar with how to go about it, it should be fairly easy.

Select a floor type. To redo a bathroom floor, the first step to take is to select and shop for the perfect flooring type to replace the existing floor. The conventional flooring type used for bathroom floors are tiles. Although you can line your bathroom floor with carpeting or linoleum, good and sturdy bathroom tiles are still the popular choice and the way to go. Regardless of what floor type you select, choose a design that will fit the bathroom theme and style you desire. There are many kinds of bathroom tiles to choose from. You can go for the tiles with bold and plain colors or you can be more stylish with intricate tiles designs with a mosaic look. Some tiles even look like wood or marble. Go to your local bed and bath supply store and choose out the tile suited for your design.

Take some measurements.
Before purchasing the tiles you want, make sure that you take the right measurements of the bathroom floor. Get a measuring tape and measure the width and length of the bathroom. If you plan to retile your walls along with the floor, then make sure to measure the wall area as well. Once you get the measurements, compute for the square footage of the floor. The way to do it is through multiplying the width and length of the floor. For instance, if your floor width and length is 5 feet by 5 feet, then the square footage of the floor is 25 square feet. Purchase the amount of tiles you need based on your measurements.

Prep your floor. Remove the old flooring and prep the base floor for your new tiles. Use a wedge and start removing the old tiles. If you used peel and stick tiles for the previous floor, this should be relatively easy. Once the base floor is clear, scrape off any excess dirt, glue, or grout.

Start retiling. Start with the tiling job by selecting the farthest corner. Apply the adhesive or grout and start pressing each tile down. Continue with the same process until you complete the floor. Trim or cut the tiles if necessary to complete the floor.

Once you complete the retiling, make sure to allow the tiles to adhere to the adhesive for about 24 hours. During this time, make sure to not use the bathroom. Any water on the floor can significantly restrict the adherence of the adhesive to the tile.
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