How To Reduce Basement Condensation

Don’t you just hate the smell of an old and musty basement? It kind of smells like an old pair of socks. Not a good thing when you want to make your basement an extension of your home. The basement can serve as extra storage or it can also work as a man cave to do man stuff underground.

This smell is due to the humidity from the underground. The basement is the perfect place for moisture to fester and grow. It can lead to molds and other moisture-related problems. The condensation in the basement is the reason for all this moisture. Eliminate the condensation and you nip the problem at the bud.

With these simple steps, you can eliminate condensation and remove this hideous scent. Of course you cannot totally take away condensation, but by controlling it a little bit, the smell should be lessened significantly.

  1. Increase the temperature. When your basement has a low temperature, the environment is sure to breed moisture. The hotter the temperature in the basement, the less moisture there will be. If the heating system has controls in the basement, turn it up a notch or two. You can also increase the temperature inside the basement by opening the curtains on the windows to let the sun shine in during the day and closing the curtains at night. Lastly, the placement of a boiler under the house should substantially increase the temperature downstairs.
  2. Cover up the sources of moisture. Exposed dirt has a knack for attracting moisture, making your basement smell funny. Cover up the dirt around your foundation with a big plastic bag. In a day, you should see water droplets collect inside the plastic bag. Another source of moisture is the condensation in cold water pipes. When the water vapor in the air hits the cold pipes, a physical reaction occurs and the water is deposited. Cover up the pipe with some insulation. It will keep the water in the pipe cold and prevent condensation.
  3. Circulation keeps the air dry. Start the air circulating by putting in an exhaust fan. As more and more fresh air comes in, more moist, old air goes out.  This effectively reduces the moisture from the basement and brings dry air from the outside into the basement. This goes the same for laundry dryers. Their vents emit moisture-rich air. Redirect their vents to send air outside of the basement. You can also buy a dehumidifier to condition the air.

Now that you followed these steps, you have successfully reduced the basement condensation. This reduction will go a long way to keeping your basement stench-free. You can now do anything you want to do in that basement. You can turn it into your prized gaming room or simply use it as extra storage space. When you reduce the condensation, you open up a world of opportunities.


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