How To Remove Mildew from Your Beach Chairs

A summer afternoon is best enjoyed while reclining in your ever-reliable beach chair. Of course, finding mildew on your beach chair easily spoils your enjoyment. Aside from being unsanitary, mildew is hazardous to your health. Yes, mildew can breed in your beach chair, particularly if you have left it in a damp storage area. Moist readily allows mildew to thrive.

Here are some practical and natural methods to get rid of mildew from your beach chairs:

Prepare your cleaning solution. What exactly do you need? Get a straight, full-strength white vinegar. You can buy this from your nearby supermarket. There is no need for you to dilute it. Put your white vinegar into a spray bottle and you are ready to begin your cleaning job. White vinegar is better than bleach. For one, white vinegar specifically cleans woven-strap lawn fixtures, like your beach chair. You are also guaranteed that your beach chair is not going to decay. Bleach can readily cause that to your beach chair.

Spray directly into the affected areas in your beach chair. You need to liberally spray white vinegar into the affected portions. If the mildew is stubborn in one area, you may need to spray more there in order to get rid of the stain. You may repeat the process until the mildew is totally taken out. Let the white vinegar sit in your beach chair for a while.

Clean your beach chair. You don’t want your beach chair to be reeking of white vinegar. You can wipe it clean using a piece of cloth or a sponge. After that, you can rinse your beach chair with warm water. You have to clean your beach chair thoroughly. You have to get rid of the vinegar that you sprayed into your beach chair. This process eventually kills and takes away mildew from your beach chair.

If wiping your beach chair with a piece of cloth or a sponge doesn’t remove the smell quickly, you may have a backup plan. Go to your nearby supermarket and buy a bottle of Ivory Dish Liquid. You need to combine a few drops of the dish liquid with the following: lemon juice (about two tablespoons), baking soda (about one tablespoon), and hot water (about one gallon). Using this new solution, clean your beach chair scrupulously. After that, you can rinse your beach chair with warm water.

Air dry your beach chair
. You can let it stay under the sun for a day. You may also let it stay in a warm, dry place, for a while. There should be a constant air circulation in the area. Make sure that your beach chair is completely dry before you sit on it again.

You may clean your beach chair anytime. Simply follow the methods provided here. They are definitely safe and easy to do. You may also look for a better storage area for your beach chair. As much as you can, don’t place it in area where moist conveniently thrives.


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