How To Rent a Canopy

Party tent

One important thing to consider when you are holding an event like a birthday or wedding party outdoors is to rent a canopy. Weather can’t be predicted with a great deal of accuracy, so you have to allow for the possibility of rain or the sudden unexpected heat wave to hit on the day of the party. Unless you have a gazebo in your garden that can accommodate all your guests, if you don’t want bad weather spoiling your party, then you should definitely include setting up a tent in your plan.

The tents used for parties are made of sturdier material than what you’ll see in bed canopies, since bedding and the beds themselves are generally protected from nothing harsher than sunlight. Party tents have to be able to offer greater protection for all kinds of weather outside, therefore might cost a bit. You can find Trim Line canopies or the easily set up E-Z Up canopies with a minimal amount of work in online shops like, but if you plan on using it only once, then you might be unwilling to part with the sum for the actual purchase of a tent. Fortunately, renting one is also easy. This is what you need to do:

  1. Find out the size of the tent that you need. Estimate how many people you expect to come and how many tables and chairs you have to set up. Your tent has to be able to hold all these people, and to accommodate everything that needs space, from the stage to the banquet tables and such. Do not choose a tent size that’s big enough to cover all the outside space, since tents actually need more space to set up and you might find out your garden doesn’t have enough space for it, and end up having to stake it in your flowerbeds.
  2. Find your party rental service. Search online or do it the old-fashioned way by looking through your phone book for shops that offer party rental services. If a party rental company is already providing you with tables and chairs, you might wish to contact them to see if they also rent out tents. You might get a discount that way, and you can probably ask them for a second opinion on what size of tent you should get if you’re worried about your estimate. If you search in the phonebook or the Net, don’t forget to get price quotes before placing an order, and check if there’s an extra fee for the delivery and set up of the tent. If you decide you want sidewalls supporting your tent, this will also have an extra fee. Set the date of delivery and check with them before the day itself to make sure that your order hasn’t been misplaced.
  3. Listen to the rental company’s recommendations if they make any. These people have been longer in their business and probably have a lot of experience in organizing parties and what makes a party a successful one. Some companies might offer the rent of other items like lighting and heaters, which you might find you actually need.

To be on the safe side, you should also call your electric or gas company and ask them if they can mark out where the underground lines are. When your tent company stakes the tent to the ground, they might have to fix the stakes in pretty deep, and might damage an underground line if there are any running below your garden that they don’t know about.


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